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Statewide Email

The state will provide consolidated e-mail services for agencies under the authority of Act 772 at one or more of the consolidated data centers. This service will include the support of standard e-mail services including basic messaging, address book, scheduling of personnel and resources within and among departments and options for wireless service.



The consolidated mail service will take all reasonable means to protect the security of the mail system and its customers. This will include, but is not limited to, running anti-virus/anti-spam software on the servers and requiring positive authentication to the mail services. The mail service reserves the right to apply filters on certain types of files if the file type in question poses a risk to resources on the network.

To minimize the risk of back-door penetration of the mail systems, subscribing departments will be required to take reasonable precautions on their desktops and networks, including running current versions of anti-virus software on desktops and discouraging use of third party mail accounts that do not provide security.

Storage Policy

The mail servers will provide a reasonable amount of server storage per client mailbox. Additional space requirements will be charged at a rate per pooled storage allocation. The mail servers will be backed up nightly and tapes retained for the amount of time necessary to protect against volume failure.


Initial conversion costs will be funded where possible through a grant from the Louisiana Technology Innovation Fund. On-going operational costs will be funded through a full cost recovery line of service. The rates for services will be reviewed at least annually and may include both fixed and variable costs. Agencies will be billed monthly for use of the consolidated e-mail services.

Department responsibilities

  1. Provide through departmental staff or contract the desktop support and level one help desk for the department personnel. Training of employees on effective use of the mail client software is the responsibility of the department.
  2. Install, run, and maintain current versions of anti-virus software and virus definitions for all clients that will connect to the e-mail servers.
  3. Budget appropriate funds to cover costs of e-mail subscriptions for the department.
  4. Local administration - departments will be provided the means to add and delete customers and reset passwords within their department.

For a copy of the current OIT email policy and implementation guidelines contact:

Joe Lee
Tel: (225) 219-6058