Performance Progress Reports 
Report Deadlines
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First Quarter Performance Progress Report (agencies project quarterly targets for key indicators and midyear and yearend targets for supporting indicators and enter actual performance for key indicators for July 1 - September 30)

  November 8
  Midyear (or Second Quarter) Performance Progress Report (agencies enter actual performance for July 1 - December 31, as well as prior year actual performance, for all performance indicators)   February 8
  Third Quarter Performance Progress Report (agencies enter actual performance for key indicators for July 1 - March 31)   May 8
    Yearend (or Fourth Quarter) Performance Progress Report (agencies report actual performance for July 1 - June 30, as well as prior year actual performance, for all performance indicators)   September 8
Progress reports may be submitted on or before their due dates. Ten (10) days after its deadline (or due date), a progress report is considered delinquent. An official, complete submission must contain all required information and have all information approved by the designated approval authority.
Guidelines for revision of Actuals

Actuals may be revised under the following circumstances:

  • An actual should be modified only if a revision or correction is necessary to make the data accurate.
  • Typos or other entry errors may be corrected.
  • Corrections to make actuals cumulative, rather than discrete, are allowed.
  • Modifications are acceptable when preliminary numbers were reported because final figures were not available at the time of the progress report.
  • As with modifications to quarterly targets, a brief explanation of why the revision is necessary should be provided in the comment column.
Of course, a wholesale correction of actual performance data will be subject to the close scrutiny of reviewing entities. At the close of the fourth quarter reporting period, OPB will send a list of revised actuals to the Legislative Fiscal Office and the Office of the Legislative Auditor for their review. You may be asked to provide additional explanatory material regarding revisions made to actual figures. To ensure that a record of the actual figures reported on earlier progress reports is kept, the OPB will keep copies of each quarter's report on file. In addition, fourth quarter correction of actual data will not mitigate any negative reviews of earlier quarterly reports.

LaPAS not only allows a comparison of actual with expected performance, but builds an historical database of actual performance data. Therefore, it is important to record "prior year actual" values for performance indicators. Report prior year actual values at midyear (second quarter report) and yearend (fourth quarter report). Use the actual performance indicator values for the immediately preceding fiscal year. (For example, if you are submitting a performance progress report for FY 1998-99, the prior fiscal year is FY 1997-98.) Generally, the prior year actual values entered at midyear should require no reentry or revision at yearend. If, however, a value was incorrectly calculated or entered at midyear, then the value should be revised in the yearend (fourth quarter) report.

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