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According to the 1990 Census, there were 1,185,759 persons 3 years old and over enrolled in school. This figure was slightly less than the 1,187,273 persons enrolled in 1980.

Those children enrolled in preprimary levels comprised 6.8% of total enrollment, while those in elementary or high school equaled 71% of total enrollment in 1990. Students attending college made up 22.2% of all those enrolled in school in 1990.

According to the 1990 Census, school enrollment declined from 1980 to 1990 in all levels from preprimary through high school. College enrollment, however, increased over that same period by 42%. Louisiana School Enrollment

Educational attainment levels rose from 1980 to 1990. The percent of persons 25 years old or over completing at least high school increased from 57.7% in 1980 to 68.2% in 1990. The percent of those persons with a bachelor's degree or higher was up from 14.0% in 1980 to 16.1% in 1990. On a national level, 75.2% of those persons 25 years old and over were at least high school graduates and 20.3% had at least a bachelor's degree. Louisiana Educational Attainment

Louisiana's percentage of high school graduates is slightly below the southern average of 69.8%. Percent of High School Graduates, Southern Region

In Louisiana in 1990, 12.5% of all persons 16 to 19 years old were neither enrolled in school nor a high school graduate. These persons may generally be considered high school dropouts, although there is no information on when they "dropped out" or whether they were ever enrolled in high school. Ranges of dropouts vary from a high of 25.5% in Caldwell parish to a low of 4.7% in Lincoln parish. Percent 16 to 19 Year Olds Not Enrolled in School and Not a High School Graduate, 1990

Of those considered Louisiana high school dropouts by the 1990 Census, 72.9% were unemployed or not in the labor force.

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