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In 1990 there were 1,716,241 housing units in Louisiana--an increase of 11% over the 1980 level of 1,548,419 units.

Single-family homes accounted for over two-thirds of Louisiana's total housing inventory.

Mobile homes were the fastest growing type of housing--increasing by almost 78% to make up 11.4% of the state's 1990 housing inventory.

Almost two-thirds of the state's housing units were owner-occupied at the time of the census. A greater percentage of Louisianians live in homes they own than the national average. During the 1980s Louisiana's owner-occupancy rate grew while the national rate decreased slightly.

Louisiana Housing Inventory Housing Units in Structure

Between 1980 and 1990 both the homeowner and rental vacancy rates rose in Louisiana. The homeowner vacancy rate increased from 1.5% to 1.7%; the rental vacancy rate climbed from 8.1% to 12.5%.

One measure of the adequacy of an area's housing stock is the percentage of units with more than one person per room. In 1990, 6% of housing units in Louisiana fell into this category. Although this proportion is still considerably higher than the national average of 4.9%,

Louisiana's sharp drop from the 1980 rate of 7.1% opposed the national trend, which showed a small increase.

In 1990, 1.3% of the state's homes lacked complete plumbing facilities; 1.3% lacked complete kitchen facilities.

Although the median value of one-family, owner-occupied houses in Louisiana increased from $43,000 in 1980 to $58,000 in 1990, this actually represents a 14% decline in real value when inflation is taken into consideration. At the national level, median value was $47,200 in 1980 and $79,100 in 1990--a 5% increase when adjusted for inflation.

Median Housing Values

Median contract rent in Louisiana was $156 in 1980 and $260 in 1990, an increase of 5% when adjusted for inflation. Nationally, median rent was $198 in 1980 and $374 in 1990, an increase of 19% when adjusted for inflation.

Median Contract Rents

The median monthly owner cost for Louisiana homeowners with a mortgage rose from $498 in 1980 to $595 in 1990--a growth of 19.5% after adjusting for the increase in consumer prices.

This was lower than the national increase of 26.9%. The comparable figures for Louisiana owners without mortgages was $153 in 1980 and $168 in 1990; at the national level, $206 in 1980 and $209 in 1990.

In 1980, 16.5% of Louisiana homeowners had owner costs that equaled 30% of more of their household income. By 1990 that percentage increased to 20%--one in five homeowners. At the national level, 19.5% of homeowners had owner costs that were 30% or more of their household income in 1990, compared with 17.6% in 1980.

Median monthly gross rent in Louisiana rose by 3.8% in real terms from $339 in 1980 to $352 in 1990. This change was much smaller than the national increase of 16.1%.

In 1990, 45.7% of Louisiana renters had monthly costs that were 30% or more of their household income, compared with 39% in 1980. At the national level, 41.2% of renters fell into this category in 1990, compared with 38.9% in 1980.

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