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Labor Status

The percentage of persons in Louisiana's labor force has risen from 58.2% in 1980 to 59.3% in 1990. Participation of males has decreased in the past 10 years, dropping from 73.6% to 69.5%. The rate has risen among females, from 44.2% in 1980 to the present day situation in which 50.2% of all women are now participating in the state's labor force. Almost 22% of all Louisiana households are now headed by females, up from 16.6% in 1980.

Nationally, 65.3% of all persons 16 years old and over were in the workforce in 1990. Just over 74% of all males were in the labor force, as were 56.8% of all females. Louisiana Labor Force Status Louisiana Labor Force Status by Sex

Of those in Louisiana's civilian labor force, 9.6% were unemployed during the 1990 Census. Males had an unemployment rate of 9.0%; females, a 10.4% rate.

Of the 828,453 females in the labor force in 1990, over half (56.5%) had children under 6 years old. Slightly over two-thirds (67.0%) of the females in the labor force had children between the ages of 6 and 17. These percentages represent increases over those of 1980. By comparison, in the United States as a whole, 59.7% of labor force females had children under 6 and 75.0% had children 6-17 years old. Louisiana Females in the Labor Force

The majority of those in the workforce were classed as private wage and salary workers (75.1%). Government workers had the second highest percentage at 17.9%, followed by self- employed (6.5%) and unpaid family members at 0.4%.

Census figures show that the communications, entertainment and health industries experienced the largest growth in employment with 91.1%, 38.2% and 29.0% net increases respectively. Transportation, with a net employment decrease of 44.7%, and mining, with a net employment decrease of 35.7% were the industries hit hardest by the recession. Mining includes offshore drilling activity. Percent Change in Employment by Industry in Louisiana, 1980-1990

Approximately 75% of the workers in Louisiana drove to work alone in 1990, while15% carpooled and 3% used public transportation. Commuting to Work in Louisiana, 1990

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