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Louisiana Benchmarks Report

The 1990 Census provides population, economic, social, and housing data for Louisiana. Louisiana Benchmarks, prepared by the Office of Planning and Budget, summarizes this new data and highlights some of the important changes that have occurred during the past ten years.

This report is arranged by major census categories and where possible, comparisons were made using data from the 1980 census. Comparisons were also made among parishes and other southern states. Presentation of data as charts and maps facilitates easy interpretation of the information.

Keep in mind that social-economic data such as educational attainment, labor status and income are from the long-form questionnaire that was mailed to about one in six or 17.7 million housing units nationally. Therefore, these sample data are subject to sampling error and other limitations. Demographic characteristics such as population, sex and race were gathered from information collected from 100% of households surveyed.

Contact Melinda Bringol in the Office of Planning and Budget at (225) 342-7410 for additional copies of this report. Census information in your particular area (Louisiana)
can be obtained by contacting the nearest State Data Center Affiliate or State Planning District. The Planning Districts, in addition to having census information, also have mapping capabilities.

Urban and Rural Residence
Labor Status
Poverty Status