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RFP 2009 Claims Management and Loss Prevention Services


RFP 2009 Claims Management and Loss Prevention Services orm/images/pdf.gif 
RFP 2009 Claims Management and Loss Prevention Services  

Appendix F-Cost Proposal Revision 1.xls  


Addendum 1-Calendar of events updated in RFP.  Dates are correct in the version on this page.
Addendum 2-Appendix A - Scope of Work orm/images/pdf.gif
Addendum 2-Appendix A - Scope of Work  
Addendum 3-Pre-Proposal Conference Q & A orm/images/pdf.gif
          Pre-Proposal Conference Attendance Sheet orm/images/pdf.gif 
Addendum 4-Initial Proposer Q & A orm/images/pdf.gif 
          Audit Grid Master orm/images/pdf.gif
          Closed Claims By Coverage for 5 Years orm/images/pdf.gif 
          Closed Claims by Major Coverage - Fiscal Year 2005 through Fiscal Year 2009 orm/images/pdf.gif
          Contract Adjuster Expenses for 5 Years orm/images/pdf.gif 
          Fines, Penalties, Interest, and Attorney Fees  
          Frequency Distribution - Liability and Property orm/images/pdf.gif
          Loss Run By Type Status In 
          Medical, Expense and Indemnity Payments by Claim 
          Medical File Export Layout orm/images/pdf.gif
          Medicare Setaside orm/images/pdf.gif
          Open Claims by Coverage orm/images/pdf.gif 
          Open Litigated Claims by Coverage orm/images/pdf.gif
          ORM Location Listing orm/images/pdf.gif- as of 12/18/09
          Voided Check orm/images/pdf.gif          
Addendum 5 - Changes to RFP Requirements orm/images/pdf.gif 
Addendum 5 - Changes to RFP Requirements  
Addendum 6 - Proposer 2nd Round Q & A orm/images/pdf.gif
          AssetWorks Contract orm/images/pdf.gif
          Claims Salaries orm/images/pdf.gif
          Contract Vendor Assignment FY 07 orm/images/pdf.gif 
          Contract Vendor Assignment FY 08 orm/images/pdf.gif 
          Contract Vendor Assignment FY 09 orm/images/pdf.gif 
          Marshall & Swift Purchase Order FY 09 orm/images/pdf.gif
          Marshall & Swift Purchase Order FY 10 orm/images/pdf.gif
          ORM Employee Training orm/images/pdf.gif 
          ORM Records Policy orm/images/pdf.gif 
          ORM Retention Schedule orm/images/pdf.gif 
          State Archive Policy orm/images/pdf.gif
Addendum 7 - Clarification on Cost Proposal Form orm/images/pdf.gif 


Attorney Billing Guidlines orm/images/pdf.gif 
Claims by Loss Date by Line for 5 Years orm/images/pdf.gif- as of 11/12/09 
Closed Claims by Fiscal Year orm/images/pdf.gif 
Data Fields for Accounting orm/images/pdf.gif
Data Fields for TrialNet orm/images/pdf.gif 
Financial Statements for Fiscal Year 2008 and Fiscal Year 2009 orm/images/pdf.gif
Litigated Claims By Coverage orm/images/pdf.gif- as of 11/12/09
Loss Triangle Examples orm/images/pdf.gif
Non Litigated Request for Settlement Authority Exceeding $25,000.00   (Third Party Claims)
Open Workers' Compensation Claims by Type for 5 Years orm/images/pdf.gif 
Request for Settlement Authority orm/images/pdf.gif 
Semi Annual Transitional Duty Employment Report orm/images/pdf.gif- Reporting Period 07/01/08 - 12/31/08 
Small Claims Resolution Document 

Claims Procedures:
     Claims Adjuster General Procedures orm/images/pdf.gif
     Claims Adjuster Comprehensive General Liability orm/images/pdf.gif
     Claims Adjuster Medical Malpractice orm/images/pdf.gif
     Claims Adjuster Property orm/images/pdf.gif
     Claims Adjuster Road Hazard orm/images/pdf.gif
     Claims Adjuster Transportation orm/images/pdf.gif
     Claims Adjuster Workers' Compensation orm/images/pdf.gif
     Claims Clerical orm/images/pdf.gif
     Claims Nurse orm/images/pdf.gif
     Claims Supervisor Comprehensive General Liability orm/images/pdf.gif
     Claims Supervisor Medical Malpractice orm/images/pdf.gif
     Claims Supervisor Property orm/images/pdf.gif
     Claims Supervisor Road Hazard orm/images/pdf.gif
     Claims Supervisor Transportation orm/images/pdf.gif
     Claims Supervisor Workers' Compensation orm/images/pdf.gif 


Insurance Plan Information 2009 
Annual Enrollment Newsletter Spring 2009 orm/images/pdf.gif
Insurance Premium Rates 2009 orm/images/pdf.gif
Medical Benefits Comparison 2009 orm/images/pdf.gif
Flexible Benefits 2009 


Additional Information on the Accounting Unit 
Additional Information on the Claims Unit 
Additional Information on the Contracts Unit 
Additional Information on the IT Unit 
Additional Information on the Loss Prevention Unit 
Additional Information on the Underwriting Unit 
Disability and Retirement Benefits 
Health and Life Benefits 
Holiday Information 
Information relative to the Civil Service job titles, qualifications, and pay ranges. 
Information on Workers' Compensation in Louisiana 
Leave Information 
ORM Organizational Chart 
Self Audit - Current Manual & Question Sets 
Title 37 of the Louisiana Administrative Code on Insurance 
Transitional Duty Program orm/images/pdf.gif 


RFP 2009 Claims Management and Loss Prevention Services - awarded to F.A. Richard & Associates, Inc.