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Exposure Reports

Exposure Reporting Manual                                                      (Effective 03-03-2015)  

Complete Exposure Reporting Manual  

Complete Exposure Reporting Manual  


Table of Contents

Introduction - Overview
General Exposures
Property Exposures
Wet Marine Exposure
Aviation Exposures
Exposure Contacts

Property Exposure Update/Reporting Forms

Use the UND-1 form to report changes in values of the state owned and

non-state owned contents of a building.
UND-1 - Contents Reporting Form   
UND-1 - Contents Reporting Form  

UND-2 - This form has been incorporated into the UND-1 form above.

UND-3 - This form has been incorporated into the UND-1 form above.  

Use the UND-4.1 form to add a newly acquired or constructed building or a building transferred from another agency.  

UND-4.1 - New Building Form   
UND-4.1 - New Building Form   

Use the UND-4.2 form to delete a sold, demolished, or donated building.
UND-4.2 - Building Deletion Form  
UND-4.2 - Building Deletion Form  

Use the UND-4.3 form to report any changes to the name, address, ORM Location Code, use, square footage, etc. of an existing building.
UND-4.3 - Building Modification Form    
UND-4.3 - Building Modification Form