Division of Administration - Kristy Nichols, Commissioner - State of LouisianaState of Louisiana - Office of State Purchasing & Travel
Paul A. Holmes, Interim Director

Tel: (225) 342-8010
Fax: (225) 342-8688
Email: Paul.Holmes@la.gov

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 94095
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095

(225) 219-4692

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Office of State Procurement Staff
Office of State Procurement
1201 North Third Street, Suite 2-160
Post Office Box 94095
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9095
Tel: (225) 342-8010 - Fax: (225) 342-8688
Paul A. Holmes
State Purchasing Interim Director
Tel: (225) 342-8062
Tammy Grant, CPPB
Assistant Director
(225) 342-8056
George Grazioso
Assistant Director
Felicia Sonnier, CPPB
Assistant Director
  Kara Allan
Executive Staff Officer
(225) 342-8062
State Travel & Purchase Cards:
Tammy Toups, CPPB
Assistant Director
(225) 342-8053
Shelita Woods
Travel Coordinator
(225) 342-6322
'LaCarte' Procurement Card Program:
Brenda Myers
(225) 342-8039
Professional Contracts:
Pamela Bartfay Rice, Esquire
Interim Director
(225) 342-7097
Paula Lazard-Lewis,
State Contracts/Grants Supervisor
(225) 342-7097
Bonnie Fuller
State Contracts/Grants Officer
(225) 342-7097
Cheri Crain
State Contracts/Grants Officer

(225) 342-7097

Laura Adare
State Contracts/Grants Officer
(225) 342-7097
Cheryl East
Executive Services Assistant
(225) 342-7097
Administrative Support:
Receptionist: Janice Leonard - Janice.Leonard@La.gov
(225) 342-8010
(225) 219-4692
Caroline Eidson - Caroline.Eidson@La.gov
(225) 342-8063
Teams, Managers, Support, State Purchasing Officers:
Team 1:
Mary Randolph, CPPB
(225) 342-8041
Support:  Paulett Hood (6) - Paulett.Hood@La.gov - Personal Hygiene and Grooming Supplies
(225) 342-8040
Ann Campbell (Q) - Ann.Campbell@La.gov
Louisiana's Small Business Entrepreneurship (Hudson and Veteran Initiative) Programs.
Police & Prison Equipment & Supplies; Fire Protection Equipment & Supplies; Fire Extinguishers - Refill, Recharging, Inspection, Hydro Test & Supplies; Security Access Systems Supplies; Emergency Warning System; Services: Janitorial & Custodial, Pest Control (including Termite Inspection); Air Compressors & Supplies; Plumbing Equipment, Fixtures & Accessories; Metals: Bars, Plates, Rods, Sheets; Traffic Control Devices & Supplies; Temporary Personnel Services.
(225) 342-5258
Lillie Christopher (N) - Lillie Christopher
Comprehensive Equipment Maintenance Contract; Carpets & Rugs; Waste Disposal; Emergency Infant Formula.
(225) 342-8036
Rufus Nwogu (0) - Rufus.Nwogu@La.gov
Acoustical Tile; Builder's Supplies; Cabinets, Counters, Shelves, Doors, Windows, Moldings; Fencing; Floor Maintenance Machines; Lumber; Roofing Equipment & Supplies; Parking Services: Operation, Admission, & Supervision; Golf Carts/Turf Equipment; Off-Road Vehicles; ATV's; Lawn/Garden Maintenance Equipment: Mowers, Blowers, Fertilizer Applicators, Cultivating Equipment, Spreaders/Planting Equipment, Tilling Equipment; Prison Enterprises Products Sales Contract.
(225) 342-8023
Thomas "Tommy" Politz, CPPB (X) - Tommy.Politz@La.gov
Heavy Agricultural/Farming Equipment; Haying, Cultivating, Levelers, Tillage Barrels, Drums, Kegs & Containers, Bearings (except Wheel Bearings & Seals); Belts & Belting Material & Accessories; Electrical Equipment, Wire, Cable & Supplies, Welding Equipment & Supplies, Fastening, Packaging. Strapping, Tying Equipment & Supplies; Industrial, Commercial, Garden Hoses, Accessories & Supplies; Industrial Machinery & Hardware, Painting Equipment; Spraying Equipment (except Household, Nursery & Paint) & Supplies; Generators; Material Handling & Storage Equipment & Supplies; Hand Tools (Powered & Non-Powered); Road & Highway Equipment, Accessories & Parts.
(225) 342-8035
Gina Purpera (O) - Gina.Purpera@La.gov
Cured, Fresh & Frozen Meats, Fresh & Frozen Poultry & Seafood; Perishable Foods (Fresh Eggs, Fresh Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Salad Mix); Statewide Contracts for Miscellaneous Grocery Items (Gravy, Soup & Soup Bases, Condiments, Dressings, Sauces, Pickles, Relishes, Seasonings, Spices, Herbs, Snacks, Desserts, etc.); Bread, Rolls, Snack Cakes; Dairy: Milk, Ice Cream, Butter, Cheese; Statewide Contracts for Ready-to-Eat Cereals & Uncooked Cereals; Statewide Contracts for Canned Goods (Fruits, Vegetables, Canned Meats & Meat Products); Staple Grocery Foods (Baby Foods); Chips & Snacks; Ready Made Sandwiches; Prison Enterprises Food & Meat Contract.
(225) 342-6963
Connie Spann (Z) - Connie.Spann@La.gov
Abrasives; Aggregates; Paint & Protective Coatings; Signs, Sign Materials, Sign Making Equipment & Supplies; Alkaline Batteries; Pumping Equipment & Accessories; Road & Highway Building Materials, Asphalt, Concrete, Sand & Gravel; Emergency Contracts for Sand; Forklifts.
(225) 342-8043
Team 2:
Pamela "Pam" Parker, CPPB
(225) 342-8027
Support:  Lynda Knippers - Lynda.Knippers@La.gov
(225) 342-8019
Susan Bonfanti (W) - Susan.Bonfanti@La.gov
Copy Machines; Facsimile Transceivers; Nurse Call Systems; Home & Auto Radios; Mobile & Base Station Two-Way Radio Receivers, Transmitters, Transceivers, Parts, Accessories & Supplies; Facsimile (Fax) Services; Intercom Equipment &  Repair Service;  Mobile & Portable Radios; Engineering Equipment & Supplies; GPS Services; Surveillance Services.
(225) 342-6634
Janelle Brown (E) - Janelle.Brown@La.gov
RFP's for the following: Information Technology Procurements; Data Processing Services; Call Services; Point of Sale & Credit Card Processing; Data Collection & Claims Centers; Notification Services; Emergency Evacuation Shelter Contracts; Toll Collection Equipment & Services; Optical Scanning Services.
(225) 219-7839
Marilyn Cooper (P) - Marilyn.Cooper@La.gov
Major Repairs & Renovations under $50,000; ITB's for Information Technology Procurements; Special Projects; Computer Hardware and Software; Electronic Components, Parts & Supplies; Photographic Equipment & Supplies; Sound Systems, Components & Accessories; Film Production, Microfilming Services.
(225) 342-8025
Mary Coppage (V) - Mary.Coppage@La.gov
Brand Name Microcomputer Contracts; Modems; Monitors; Printers; Routers; Scanners & Magnetic Media; Television Equipment & Supplies; Visual Education Equipment & Supplies; Computer Accessories; Microfilm Equipment & Supplies; Video Equipment & Supplies.
(225) 342-8028
Kim Geuho (Y) - Kim.Gueho@La.gov
Telephones, Telecommunications; Broadcasting, Microwave, Transmitting Tower Equipment & Supplies; Answering & Paging Services;  Networking; Communication Wiring & Cable; Television & Electronic Testing, Measuring, Analyzing Equipment & Supplies; Cellular & Radio Communication Equipment & Supplies.
(225) 342-8021
Hilary Stephenson (D) - Hilary.Stephenson@La.gov
Fabricated & Prefabricated Buildings & Structures; Elevators & Escalators - Installation Only (excluding Maintenance & Service); Fencing; Steam & Hot Water Fittings Accessories & Supplies; Steam & Hot Water Boilers, Steam Heating, Power Plant Equipment & Supplies; Water Supply & Sewage Treatment Equipment & Supplies - Installation Only; Building Construction Services; Marine Construction Services; Major Repairs & Renovations & Related Services; Projects over $50,000, Energy Collecting Equipment (Solar and Wind) Rental or Lease of Air Conditioning, Heating; Ventilating Equipment & Accessories.
(225) 342-8022
Team 3:
Tom Ketterer
(225) 342-8017
Support:   Rhonda Davis - Rhonda.Davis@La.gov
 Advertisements; Contract Assignments; Vendor Name Changes
(225) 342-6525
Lelia Achee (M) - Lelia.Achee@La.gov
Clothing, Apparel, Uniforms & Accessories; Footwear;  Textiles, Linens, Piece Goods & Supplies; Sewing Room & Textile Machinery, Notions & Supplies.
(225) 342-8018
Bonnie Chambers (A) - Devonia.Chambers@La.gov
Commercial Chemicals & Solvents (in bulk); Detergents & Cleaning Compositions; Water & Wastewater Treatment Chemicals; Janitorial Chemicals & Supplies; Laundry & Dry Cleaning Equipment & Supplies.
(225) 342-8020
Cheryl Duplechain (H) - Cheryl.Duplechain@La.gov
Fertilizers & Soil Conditioners; Seeds, Sod, & Seed Germination Service; Herbicides & Pesticides; Nursery Stock; Grounds Maintenance, Mowing, Edging, Plant Trimming, Landscaping (including Fertilizing, Planting, etc.); Weed & Vegetation Control; Tree Trimming & Pruning Services; Dairy Equipment & Supplies; Animals, Birds, & Marine Life; Feed, Bedding, Vitamins & Supplements for Animals; Veterinary Equipment & Supplies; Park, Playground, & Recreational Equipment; Sporting Goods; Cleaning Rags, State Use Program (EDS) Contract, Tobacco & Smoking Accessories.
(225) 342-8015
Lona Gros, CPPB (L) - Lona.Gros@La.gov
Printing & Related Services (Continuous Mailers & Forms, Snap Sets, Forms, Tickets, Coupons, Sales Books); Plain & Printed Envelopes; Paper (Office, Print Shop, & Specialty); Printing Plant Equipment & Supplies; Printing Plant Bindery Equipment; Book Binding, Re-binding, Repair & Supplies; Decals & Stamps; Blue Printing Services.
(225) 342-8024
Deborah Rock, CPPB (F) - Deborah.Rock@La.gov
Office Supplies; School Supplies; Classroom Equipment & Supplies; Art Equipment & Supplies; Household Appliances; Bakery Equipment & Accessories; Commercial Cafeteria & Kitchen Equipment & Accessories; Water Coolers; Cutlery, Dishes, Flatware, Glassware, Trays, Utensils & Supplies; Flags, Banners & Accessories; Musical Instruments; Office Machines, Equipment & Accessories (excluding Copying Equipment & Copy Boards); Toilet Tissue & Paper Towels, Disposable Paper & Plastic Products; Badges, Emblems & Name Tags;  Media Clipping Services; Engraving for Awards, Trophies, Plaques; Polyethylene and Polypropylene Bags; Mailing Machines & Services (including Collating, Packaging and Sorting); Advertising (Notice of Bid Solicitation), Library Machines, Supplies & Services; Workers Comp Insurance, Life Insurance, Death & Dismemberment Insurance.
(225) 342-8045
Heather Thode (3) - Heather Thode@La.gov 
Furniture: Office, Health Care & Hospital Facility, Laboratory, Cafeteria, Chapel, Dormitory, Household, Library, Lounge, Classroom, Office & Courtroom; Mobile & Stationary Shelving; Lockers; Files: Vertical, Lateral, Fireproof; Mobile Systems, Rotary Systems & Carousel Filing Systems; Library & Archival Equipment; Paper Shredders; Mattresses & Bedsprings; Picture Framing Services; Theatrical Equipment & Supplies; Venetian Blinds, Awnings & Shades; Barber & Beauty Shop Equipment & Supplies.
(225) 342-8047
Team 5:
Manager - Vacant
Support: Lisa Jackson (I) - Lisa Jackson@La.gov
Deficiency Complaints, Barber Services and OSP & LAGOV fuel databases.
(225) 342-8014
Austin Bachman (G) - Austin.Bachman@La.gov
Elevator/Escalator Maintenance & Repair; Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation Equipment & Supplies; Air Conditioning & Heater Filters; Emergency Air Conditioner Unit Contract; Emergency Portable Storage Container Contract; Automotive Transmissions; Automotive Glass & Building Glass Tinting; Automotive Parts, Repairs & Supplies; Automotive Maintenance Items, Accessories.
(225) 342-9200
Lee Ann David (G) - LeeAnn.David@La.gov
Vehicles: Automobiles, CNG, Light & Medium & Heavy Trucks, Police, Passenger & Cargo Vans, Ambulances; Motorcycles; Transportation Services; Ambulance Services.
(225) 342-9200
Bess Guidry (J) - Bess.Guidry2@La.gov
Trailers; Fire & Rescue Vehicles; Trucks with Specialized Bodies; School Buses; Medium and Heavy-Duty Cab & Chassis Trucks; FTA Handicap Modified Vans & Buses; LaMAS Fire Truck Contracts; LaMAS Specialty Vehicles for Homeland Defense Contracts; LaMAS Vehicle Lightbars & Siren Contracts.
(225) 342-8016
Vacant (B)
MCCAP (Pharmaceutical, Influenza & Med-Surge), Dental Equipment & Supplies, Radiation Monitoring Equipment, Chemical Laboratory Equipment, First Aid, Safety Equipment & Supplies; Controlling, Indicating, Measuring & Recording Instruments & Supplies; Glucose Monitoring Machines & Supplies; Hospital, Surgical Equipment, Instruments & Supplies; Testing Apparatus & Instruments & Supplies (not for Electrical or Electronic Measurements); Laboratory Equipment & Supplies; Engineering, Surveying Equipment, Drawing Instruments & Supplies; Mobility, Speech Impaired & Restraint Items; Hospital, Laboratory & Testing Equipment Maintenance, Reconditioning & Repair Services; Rental or Lease of Engineering, Hospital, Laboratory, Precision Instruments, Refrigeration, Scales & Testing Equipment; Medical Oxygen Cylinders; Industrial (Welding) & Medical Gases.
Jeannie Prejean, CPPB (C) - Jeannie.Prejean@La.gov
Bulk Fuel, Emergency On-Demand Fuel & Portable Storage Tanks, Agency Automated Fuel, Propane, Emergency Fuel Contract; OPIS & LAGOV Database; Lubricating Oil and Greases; Auto & Marine Batteries; Automotive Tires, Farm/Industrial & Specialty Tires; Refrigeration Equipment & Supplies; Aircraft & Airport Equipment, Parts & Supplies; Boats, Motors; Marine Equipment & Supplies; Airplanes, Helicopters, Aerial Services.
Paulette Tilley (R) - Paulette.Tilley@La.gov
Emergency Shelter Security Guard Service, Security & Guard Services (including Traffic Control); Medical & Radioactive Waste Disposal; Professional Rodeo Services, Courier Services, Armored Car Services; Administrative Services; Express Mail Services; Window Washing Services; Moving Services; Warehousing & Storage Services (not Storage Space Rental); Land & Office Rental or Lease, Parking Rental, Storage Space Rental; Referral Lab Testing Services; Wound Vacuums; Condoms; DNA Analysis of Forensic Samples & Blood; Emergency Warehouses for Food Distribution; Emergency Contract for Receiving, Staging, Storage (RSS) Site for Strategic National Stockpile.
(225) 342-8066

Vendor Enrollment, Updates/Changes, LaPAC, Public Bid Reading, Bid Tabulations, Records and Files, Archives, Reproduction and Mail Room

Phone: (225) 342-8010 - Email: Vendr_Inq@La.gov
Janet Johnson - Janet.Johnson@La.gov
(225) 342-8049