The AGPS Tab

Use the ‘AGPS’ tab if you are not interested in DOTD-specific information.

During this Statewide contract conversion period to LaGov, it is recommended that political subdivisions continue to use the AGPS contract search tab.

The AGPS tab contains all Statewide contracts and non-DOTD agency contracts.    It contains contract and vendor information based upon data from the Advanced Governmental Purchasing System (AGPS), which the State of Louisiana has used for procurement since 1996.  Many state agencies are still using AGPS for procurement and contracts.

The LaGOV Tab

Effective November 15, 2010, the State of Louisiana has begun converting to a new statewide procurement and accounting system, LaGOV.  LaGOV’s initial deployment has begun with the Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD).  Additional departments and agencies will be using LaGOV for procurement and contracts at a later date. 

The LaGOV tab contains DOTD agency contracts as well as statewide contracts.

Note: AGPS uses the NIGP classification codes for Products and Services.  LaGOV  uses the UNSPSC classifications.  Since the two classification systems are different, and the contract structure is different in LaGov vs. AGPS, there may be differences in the number of line items for LaGov vs. AGPS versions of the Statewide contracts.