Emergency Rules

Agencies are given the authority through R.S. 49:953.B to adopt temporary rules in order to create emergency provisions that present an imminent peril to the public health, safety, or welfare. These Emergency Rules are effective upon signature and are filed with the Office of the State Register within five days of adoption. This page provides the reader with the text of the Emergency Rules that will appear in the next printing of the Louisiana Register. The Emergency Rules on this page will be removed when the current Louisiana Register is displayed on-line. As new Emergency Rules are created, they will be posted here. 

Department of State Merit Evaluation for Registrars of Voters  February 18, 2015
Office of Public Health Added Controlled Dangerous Substances  February 26, 2015
Bureau of Health Services Financing Disproportionate Share Hospital Payments Mental Health Emergency Room Extensions  March 5, 2015
Bureau of Health Services Financing Inpatient Hospital Services Non-Rural, Non-State Hospitals Termination of Additional Payments for Hemophilia Blood Products  March 5, 2015
Office of Public Health Minimum Disinfectant Residual Levels in Public Water Systems  March 3, 2015

Electronic Notification of Emergency Rules