Office of the State Register FAQ's

1. Q. What is the Louisiana Administrative Code?

A. The LOUISIANA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE (LAC) is a set of permanent volumes containing state agencies' interim laws which have been formally adopted or amended with legislative authority and through legal rulemaking procedure. All information appears in codified form (Titles, Parts, Sections, etc.) so that new or amended rules can be easily referenced and researched for legal impact.

2. Q. What is the Louisiana Register and how often is it published?

A. The LOUISIANA REGISTER, a monthly publication, publishes all state agency rules and regulations as these go through the formal rulemaking process. Rules promulgated through the LOUISIANA REGISTER are codified for easy research back to the original LAC volumes. Through this ongoing process of rule publication, owners of the LAC who subscribe to the LOUISIANA REGISTER keep their CODES current on a month-by-month basis and avoid sole reliance on CODE SUPPLEMENTS. Other newsworthy information published in the monthly LOUISIANA REGISTER includes: emergency rules, executive orders, proposed rules, and Division of Administration policy and procedure memoranda; all of which may directly impact business operations.

3. Q. Can I order the Louisiana Register as a single copy, or as a yearly subscription only?

A. The LOUISIANA REGISTER can be purchased as a 12 month subscription or as a single copy going as far back as two calendar years.

4. Q. What form of payment do you accept?

A. Cash, Checks, and Money Order

5. Q. How long will it take to receive my shipment?

A. You should receive your shipment within 7 working days.

6. Q. Do I have to purchase the entire Louisiana Administrative Code, or can I purchase sections of the publication?

A. The LOUISIANA ADMINISTRATIVE CODE (LAC) can be purchased in its entirety, or can be purchased individually. The LAC is divided into 85 sections that are in booklet form and are available for purchase.