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IntraLATA Frame Relay

Frame relay is a data transport technology that allows users to share common access to a service provider among multiple virtual circuits which may be addressed to multiple addresses.

The port speed governs the maximum traffic that may be simultaneously offered to a LATA-wide cloud. Network management tools for fault isolation and network measurement for growth forecasting and application utilization are available to the users from a single personal computer or a 24/7 network management operations environment using frame relay.

The IntraLATA Frame Relay Service offering provides for end user connection (access line) onto and the mapping of permanent virtual circuits (PVC) across a LATA-wide frame relay service cloud. The port speed governs the maximum traffic that may be simultaneously offered to a LATA-wide cloud.

Pricing for IntraLATA Frame Relay service consists of a combination of at least three elements: Port, PVC/CIR, and Access line. Contact OTM Enhanced Network Services (ENS) for more information or network design assistance.

Billing Rates

How To Order
To order IntraLATA Frame Relay Service, the TC should first contact OTM ENS for assistance. OTM ENS will work closely with the TC and the agency data networking specialists to select the appropriate service. After the technical details have been determined, the TC should complete and return the Frame Relay Order Form (OTM-23). The form should be addressed to the Advanced Services Section. Assistance with the order form and information about orders can be obtained by contacting the Advanced Services Section.

OTM-23 Frame Relay Order Form

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