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OTM Catalog of Services
H.323 IP Video Conferencing Service

H.323 IP Video Service is available to Data Dial Tone customers. This video conferencing service is provided via an OTM-owned IP-based MCU (multipoint conferencing unit). Multipoint video conferencing capability between subscribers with Data Dial Tone and with non-Data Dial Tone participants (guests who participate in subscribers' video conferences via this service) will be provided. Subscribers will utilize their Data Dial Tone connection as access to the OTM MCU. Guest participants will need to be accessible via OTM LaNet or other public IP network connections.

The service supports IP-based video systems only. The Data Dial Tone and LaNet networks currently provide no explicit guarantees of quality of service. The service is delivered on a first-come, first-served and best-effort basis. OTM staff will work with agencies for any assistance needed.

Service Capabilities
The following video services may be provided:

  • A maximum video conference speed of 384 Kbps
  • A maximum of 12 conference participants per conference at 384 Kbps
  • Configurable conference on-screen display options (for example, video switching or continuous presence sessions)
  • Pre-scheduling of conferences by established OTM scheduling procedure
  • Conference dial-in or dial-out options
  • Content sharing by conference participants with endpoints that support such (for example, H.239/ People + Content or H.323 Duo Video Support)
  • Optional gatekeeper service for H.323 video unit controls

Service Requirements-- In order to utilize the multipoint H.323 video conferencing service provided via the OTM MCU, the following requirements must be met:

  • Subscribers need to have their own video endpoints that are H.323 capable. Subscribers must pre-register video endpoints' information with OTM using the H.323 IP Video Conferencing Site Registration Form (OTM-36). 
  • Subscribers will provide points-of-contact (such as a telecommunications coordinator) to schedule conferences and to coordinate with OTM in resolving scheduling conflicts. Only subscribers to the service may schedule conferences. Points-of-contact will schedule conferences using the H.323 IP Video Conferencing Schedule Request Form (OTM-37). If "numbering dial" (E.164 Standard, similar to a telephone number dial plan) is desired, video endpoints must be registered with the OTM gatekeeper and conform to the network dialing plans. Otherwise, a peering arrangement is required between an agency gatekeeper and the OTM gatekeeper.

Network Assessment--OTM may perform an evaluation of a customer's non-Data Dial Tone network connection to determine and recommend any changes to support the video conferencing service.

IP Addressing--Connectivity to the OTM MCU requires endpoints to either have a statically assigned private IP address or be registered with the OTM gatekeeper if DHCP is used. IP addresses should come from within the agency-assigned address range. Coordination with OTM to insure networks are reachable is required. For connectivity to non-Data Dial Tone endpoints, static NAT may be required across firewalls.

Firewall Traversal--OTM will work with subscribers and conference participants to establish connectivity to endpoints behind subscriber firewalls. It will be the responsibility of the end users to insure that firewalls are correctly configured.

Gatekeeper Service--For those subscribers wanting E.164 (telephone-number like) or alias (dial by name) dialing capability, gatekeeper service can be provided. Subscriber video conferencing units need to register with the OTM gatekeeper. For those agencies operating their own gatekeepers, peering arrangements with the OTM gatekeeper and other participants' gatekeepers will be considered as well. The particular arrangement will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to ensure uniqueness and routability of dialing plans.

Directory Service--A printed or online static directory of subscribers may be provided. No "automated" directory service is currently available.

Gateway ISDN Service--Currently no ISDN gateway capability is to be provided via this H323 video service. No H.320 support is available via this service.

Billing Rates
The service is provided free of charge. However, any costs to upgrade an agency's video equipment, network connections or service will be the responsibility of the subscribing agency.

How to Order
Before requesting use of the H.323 IP Video Service, contact the OTM Enhanced Network Services Research and Development Section for guidance. After consulting with the technical staff, pre-register video endpoints' information with OTM using the H.323 IP Video Conferencing Site Registration Form (OTM-36). To schedule conferences, submit an H.323 IP Video Conferencing Schedule Request Form (OTM-37) to the OTM Video Services Section.

OTM-36 H.323 IP Video Conferencing Site Registration Form
OTM-37 H.323 IP Video Conferencing Schedule Request Form 

Technical Inquiries and Assistance
Section Enhanced Network Services
Research and Development