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OTM Catalog of Services
MPLS Intrastate Transport (MIT)

The MPLS Intrastate Transport (MIT) Line of Service provides network connectivity across the State for agencies with offices located outside of the 225 area code. MIT is required for private wide area network connections as well as access to the Internet. To use MIT service, agencies must also establish connectivity to an OTM POP using the CNA Line of Service. For MIT private network connections, a CNA option is required in each connecting LATA. The type of CNA used can vary in each LATA. For Internet service outside of the 225 area code (Baton Rouge LATA), CNA is only required in the non-Baton Rouge (non-225) LATA, but an Internet bandwidth option (INTERNET Line of Service) must also be selected.

The backbone for this intrastate network service consists of six points of presence (POPs) in various metropolitan areas across the state of Louisiana. Carrier-class routing and switching equipment is located at each POP. These POPs are interconnected with 100M or higher speed Ethernet circuits. Any given POP has at least two connections to another POP for survivability in case of circuit failure. Each POP is protected with uninterruptible power systems to protect against outages.

OTM currently maintains two connections from the state network to the Internet from two different backbone locations in Baton Rouge across two different Internet service providers. The physical capacity of the connections is 750M combined. The dual connections provide redundancy across diverse physical paths and carrier networks for customer Internet traffic.

MIT Backbone Map

Although OTM network services are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, OTM does not guarantee, certify, or warrant as to quality of service or that operation of the network will be without interruption or error.

At times it is necessary to perform maintenance on network components in order to maintain quality service. OTM strives to perform this maintenance with the least impact on its customers. Click here to view the Network Maintenance policy and schedule.

Who can use this service?

MIT services may be requested by:

  • any political subdivision of the State of Louisiana, including city and parish government
  • private and public educational institutions within the State of Louisiana from kindergarten through university level
  • other qualifying institutions as described in the current OTM Administrative Rules and Regulations.

Customers of the MIT service are expected to abide by rules of engagement outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy.

Trouble Reporting Procedures

If you should experience trouble with your network services, please contact our Trouble Reporting number at 225 342-7777. Click here for complete procedures.

Billing Rates

Subscribers pay a monthly MIT service fee based on the speed of their connection. Subscribers will be billed by OTM through the standard billing arrangements for this service. Billing will begin for the first month after the connection is established. MIT may be accessed via the Consolidated Network Access Line of Service.

Monthly Rate Per Mb
  Sub T-1 - 1 Mbps
  1.5 Mbps - 2 Mbps
  3 Mbps - 4 Mbps
  4.5 Mbps - 5 Mbps
  6 Mbps - 8 Mbps
  9 Mbps - 11 Mbps
  12 Mbps - 14 Mbps
  15 Mbps - 17 Mbps
  18 Mbps - 20 Mbps
  21 Mbps - 44 Mbps
  45 Mbps - 49 Mbps
  50 Mbps
  400 Mbps
A Support Service fee of 0.5% shall be applied to the monthly cost of these services.

How to Order

To subscribe to MIT services:

  • Review the complete description of the MIT service including all applicable terms and conditions. Decide what configuration of services best meets your organization's needs.
  • Complete the Enhanced Network Services Access Request form. Send the form to OTM Enhanced Network Services section.

By submitting this request, the subscriber acknowledges having read, understood, and agreed to all the terms and conditions outlined in the access request.

Canceling MIT Service

Access to MIT services may be terminated may be terminated by sending an email to While the request must originate from the agency Telecommunications Coordinator, the cancellation will be scheduled with the listed agency technical contact.

OTM-43 Enhanced Network Services Access Request

Section Enhanced Network Services
Phone 225-219-4860