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OTM Catalog of Services
Public Pay Telephones

This is a statewide service to provide public pay telephone service to those state agencies that have such a need. Contracts were awarded by state planning districts. The selected contractor is the only vendor authorized to provide public pay telephone service for any state agency. OTM asks that agencies refer all non-contract vendors' calls concerning public pay telephones to the OTM Public Pay Telephone contact (see below).

This service provides the dial tone line and the instrument attached to the line, for which the agencies pay an installation charge and a monthly service fee.

Billing Rates
$42.50 per month. $100.00 one-time installation charge.

Agencies are billed directly by the contractor, and are to make payments directly to the contractor.

How To Order
Each agency is authorized to contact and order public pay telephone service directly from the contractor. The contract for Public Pay Telephone Service is in AGPS. The state contract number and contractor are:

Contract Number 409721: Southern Louisiana Communications (SLC) for state planning districts* 1 - 8

The vendor requires the following information to process an order:

  • Agency name

  • Agency's mailing address

  • Agency's physical location

  • Name of a location contact person

  • Telephone number of a location contact person

  • Details of the request

*A map of state planning districts can be found at

Forms--no forms are used for this service.






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