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OTM Catalog of Services
Consulting and Project Management

Telephone system consulting is available to state agencies to assist with telecommunications needs. These needs are typically of a non-routine nature and require more than a service order to OTM Customer Service. This assistance is usually provided under a number of circumstances. These include:

  • An agency is moving from one location to another, constructing a new building or remodeling
  • The telecommunications needs of an agency are no longer being met by its telecommunications system
  • The telecommunications system experiences frequent breakdowns or repairs and needs to be replaced
  • An agency is expanding in terms of physical site and/or personnel
  • An agency is changing its organization such that different employees report to different supervisors and call coverage changes
  • An agency experiences a significant increase in incoming and/or outgoing calling due to more service demands or a new program being implemented
  • An agency is looking to make productivity gains by changing how it uses telecommunications services

A written request for assistance including a contact name and telephone number should be sent to the Project Request unit in OTM Customer Service. The OTM Project Request Form can be used to provide the appropriate information. The request will be logged and acknowledged. The request should include a description of the assistance required, the date needed, and any other pertinent information. For a major move or expansion, the request should be sent as soon as the agency is aware that project assistance is needed. OTM needs notice at least six weeks before the desired service date.

An OTM representative will contact the requester to acknowledge the request and gain additional information. This will help assure that the request is understood. This may require a site visit by that representative. Once the OTM representative has reviewed the request and gathered additional information, a determination will be made as how to proceed. If appropriate, the request will be given to another section within OTM for disposition.

It may be possible for OTM Customer Service to satisfy the request by issuing a service order to the vendor. If not, after verification of funding availability (if appropriate), a project will be established and will be placed in a priority queue to be scheduled.

The project will be assigned when a project manager is available. Project management techniques will be employed to determine a plan and coordinate the efforts of those parties required to complete the project.

It will be the project manager's responsibility to determine specific needs and requirements of the agency, complete an analysis, and make a recommendation to the agency. Once the recommendation is approved by the agency, the project manager will represent the agency to see that the service/equipment ordered is installed and the project successfully completed.

Billing Rates
This service will be provided to the subscriber in accordance with the billing terms agreed upon by both OTM and the subscriber. These terms may be outlined in an approved Letter of Agreement. Consulting hours will be billed on an actual hour basis.

This fee covers all billable consulting, miscellaneous, and extraordinary services provided by OTM to a specific subscriber.

Consulting Rate $ 20.00 per hour

A Support Service fee of 0.5% shall be applied to the monthly cost of this service.

How to Order
Complete the OTM Project Request Form and submit it to the OTM Project Request Unit.

OTM-16 Project Request Form

Project Requests

Project Request Unit

Phone 225-342-7720