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OTM Catalog of Services
Voice Messaging Service

Voice Messaging Service (VMS) is available for Standard Dial Tone (Centrex service) customers throughout the state.

Based on electronic voice mailboxes, VMS is a monthly service which requires no on-site equipment. Available services include Telephone Answering and Voice Mail.

All mailboxes are password protected with access available only through use of the password. The mailbox subscriber determines and enters the password. Without the password, no one, not even OTM or the vendor, can access the mailbox. However, OTM can have the password reset when the mailbox user forgets the current password, the previous mailbox user has left the agency, or an emergency situation arises and access to an employee's mailbox is crucial.

Voice Messaging Service is in transition. OTM offers the following services through AT&T's Memory Call for the interim:

  • Telephone Answering--This provides the capability whereby a busy or unanswered telephone is answered with a subscriber recorded greeting. The caller may either leave a message or hang up. Multiple calls to one number can be handled simultaneously by the system.

    The subscriber can retrieve messages from any touchtone telephone. As an option, and at no charge, the system will send an Outcall to a designated telephone number or pager (beeper) and notify the subscriber that there is a message in the mailbox. Once retrieved, messages can be played, saved, replayed, and/or deleted. Retrieved messages can also be forwarded to another subscriber with an introductory message.

    The Voice Messaging Service provides two other valuable features. First, callers may press "0" to be transferred to an attendant or other answering point. Second, the system will provide either an audible (stutter dial tone) or visual message waiting indicator to notify the subscriber that there is an unheard message waiting in the mailbox.

    Telephone Answering works with, and includes, Voice Mail features.

    Voice Messaging Access Numbers
    Memory Call User Guide 

  • Voice Mail--This provides the ability to create a voice message and send it to another voice mail subscriber's mailbox. Voice mail is similar to electronic mail (e-mail) except that voice mail uses the telephone and voice rather than a keyboard and text. Also, any touchtone telephone anywhere in the world can be used to access VMS rather than being restricted to a computer terminal as with e-mail.

    For outgoing messages, distribution lists can be established to send a voice mail message to all of the members of the distribution list. This permits the subscriber to record a single voice message which will be heard as recorded by all members of the distribution list. Confirmation of receipt or non-receipt may be requested.

    There are two sizes of telephone answering mailboxes.  One size provides storage for 30 messages and the other provides storage for 90 messages.

  • Transfer Box--This box can be used with standard, personalized message-taking mailboxes in special situations where multiple telephone numbers are to be covered by a single message-taking mailbox associated with one telephone number. A transfer box will be needed for each of the lines sharing the original message-taking mailbox.

  • Business Extension Mailbox--A shared mailbox with up to three submailboxes.  Each submailbox has its own unique, personal greeting and its own employee password.  The mailboxes share a total storage capacity of 40 messages among the submailboxes.

  • Information Only--These are used to provide information to callers. Information is recorded by the agency and can be changed at any time. Examples of recorded information could be routine items such as office hours, office location, and mailing address. It could be information about what services are available, qualifications for eligibility, or instructions on how to apply for services. It could also be status information such as the date checks were mailed, final date to apply, or information about a one-time offering.

    There are three outgoing message sizes to choose from: one minute, three minutes, or six minutes.

Billing Rates  
These rates are current as of November 21, 2013.    
Standard Voice Mail
Monthly Rate
Message-Taking Mailbox (30 messages)



$9 .00
Message-Taking Mailbox (90 messages) 7 .40 9 .00
Transfer Box



9 .00
Business Extension Mailbox 4


9 .00
Information Only Mailbox


1 minute 


3 minutes




  6 minutes


9 .00
Other Service Charges
Password Reset



NOTE: Prices above do not include the cost of a pager or pager service if Outcall Notification to a pager is selected.

A Support Service fee of 0.5% shall be applied to the monthly cost of these services.

How To Order

To order new Voice Messaging Services, complete the Standard Voice Messaging Order Form (OTM-7). The agency TC must approve the form before sending it to the OTM Customer Service Section. The full and accurate completion of the form will help to minimize delays in the delivery of service. 

If a mailbox password needs to be reset, the agency TC should submit the Voice Messaging Password Reset Request Form (OTM-9) to the OTM Customer Service Section.

OTM-7 Standard Voice Messaging Order Form
OTM-8 Voice Messaging Change/Disconnect Form
OTM-9 Password Reset Form

Section Customer Service
Phone 225-342-7720
225-342-7226 (Supervisor)
Section Messaging Services
Phone 225-342-8683