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Access to Telecommunications Rooms

In order to maintain the integrity of OTM's Data Dial Tone service within the Louisiana Secure Intranet, it is critical that the Telecommunications closets in the State Office buildings served by Data Dial Tone be secured. Only personnel authorized by OTM will have access to these rooms.

This applies to all buildings occupied by agencies that subscribe to Data Dial Tone services and participate in the Secure Intranet.


OSB will create and post log forms in all telecommunications rooms throughout Capitol Park. OSB will collect Telecommunications Room Access Logs monthly and send them to Lois Williams, Manager of OTM Advanced Services, 10th floor BRSOB.

It is important that personnel working in those rooms do not prop the doors open as it may allow a vulnerability.

The procedures below shall be printed and distributed to Office of State Buildings (OSB) for posting in each closet and at each security desk in the affected buildings.

  • Contractor shall sign in with Building Security. 
  • Contractor shall request that building security contact OSB for access to telecommunications room. 
  • OSB shall check to see that contractor has an OTM work order and order number--OTM Support Services may be called at 225-342-7761 (Lois Williams) or 225-342-7762 (Linda Baumann) to verify work order information 
  • OSB shall escort contractor to the appropriate telecommunications room 
  • Contractor shall sign in on Telecommunications Room Access Log 
  • OSB escort shall initial log and remind contractor not to prop telecommunications room door open 
  • Contractor shall complete work order 
  • Contractor shall sign out on Telecommunications Room Access Log 
  • Contractor shall sign out with building security 
  • No one other than OTM-authorized personnel is allowed access to the telecommunications rooms.