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OTM - USA Mobility Transition for Radio Paging (Beepers) (Update)

The following is to assist radio pager using agencies with the transition of pager device and service acquisition from the Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) to USA Mobility. This transition is anticipated to be complete on May 1, 2011.

OTM has provided USA Mobility with an inventory of all pagers deployed throughout the state. The inventory includes agencies' associated cost centers, known contact persons of record, and physical addresses. USA Mobility will be using that information in preparation for the transition process and to contact agencies (via email).

It is suggested that agencies prepare a spreadsheet using the pager information found on the current monthly OTM web bill. Using the serial number of the billing record (which is a unique identifier that USA Mobility can use to easily recognize and associate pager programming within their computerized pager programming platform), identify those pagers that are deployed and those held in stock. If an agency is unable to account for a pager(s), another category may need to be established for those pagers which need to be declared lost. Such an up-to-date spreadsheet should better prepare the agency to better discuss the pagers in detail when USA Mobility contacts the agency.

Under the new contract, USA Mobility will provide agencies with a number of new capabilities. Agencies will be able to place orders for pagers, change service options, and have access to online billing. The USA Mobility name for this online interface is "My Account".

USA Mobility has prepared a financial analysis for each agency based on the new contract prices for the agency's current service. There are some items that were zero cost in the old contract, but are billable in the new contract. For example under the old contract, toll free ("800") number(s) for a pager was not billable. Under the new contract, there will be monthly fees of approximately $3.00 for each "800" number. Other items now have a higher monthly charge. An example of this is that, for each group lead number in a group page arrangement, the charge is going from $1.25 to $5.75.

Agencies are advised to look at the actual requirement of their users to have toll free and group lead numbers and evaluate the need versus the new cost. The cost analysis to be provided by USA Mobility for each pager may help in identifying features and functionality that have a new or higher charge.

Additionally under the new contract, agencies will now be responsible for paying USF, Public Telco and RAC Administrative Fees. This is a change from the past pricing structure.

In preparation for the financial evaluation that will be performed by USA Mobility, agencies may want to and view contract 408688 at the State Purchasing web site,, for a comprehensive list of pager options and their associated costs under the new contract. Agencies can also view the OTM web site Catalog of Services at for the current pager rates charged by OTM.