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Telecommunications Information Notice 12-01
Service Order Charges for Updates to AT&T Public Telephone Directory Listings

January 5, 2012

Effective immediately, there is a change in the way state agencies are charged for service orders to update (change) their AT&T telephone directory listings. This does not pertain to changes made to the Office of Telecommunications Management (OTM) published State Government Telephone Directory. This also does not pertain to other telephone companies' directory listings.

AT&T has informed OTM that it has changed the method of applying service order charges for updates to its public telephone directories (white pages/blue pages). These listing changes are submitted to AT&T by OTM based on information submitted by state agencies' Telecommunications Coordinators (TCs).

AT&T will now charge based on the appearance of the directory listing in a caption or as a straight-line listing. A caption listing is the listing of a name without an address or telephone number followed by a series of indented listings covering branches or different subdivisions of the named entity. Listings under the "Louisiana State Of" heading are considered part of the "Louisiana State Of" caption listing. A straight-line listing is a name, street address, and telephone number in the white pages.

Annual Updates
Effective immediately, annual update fees will be waived for listings under the "Louisiana State Of" caption (state governmental section of the blue pages). Updates to listings under the agency name in the white pages will be billed a service order charge on a per caption listing or per straight-line listing basis. There will be no charge to delete a listing or for a change of address that was the result of an agency having moved service.

Interim Updates
Service order charges to update listings under the "Louisiana State Of" caption are waived for the annual updates only. All listings changes submitted during the year which are not included with the annual update or a move order will continue to be charged at least one service order fee. Charges will be on a per caption listing or per straight-line listing basis. A listing for new service must be requested at the time the new service is ordered to avoid an update charge.

Service Order Charges for Listings Updates

Annual Updates--Annual update fees are charged for additions and changes to AT&T directories only. Annual update fees are waived for listings under the "Louisiana State Of" caption. There is no charge for a listing deletion.

One-time Charge
Caption Listings
Non-standard Dial Tone $26 per caption
Toll Free $29 per caption
Centrex No charge--included in the cost of this service
Straight-Line Listings
Non-standard Dial Tone $26 per account or agency location
Toll Free $29
Centrex No charge--included in the cost of this service

Interim Updates--Interim update fees are charged for both AT&T and independent telephone directories.

One-time Charges
Non-standard Dial Tone Actual cost
Toll Free Actual cost
Centrex $29 per account or agency location, per caption listing or straight-line listing
Note: Update fees are waived if the listing change or addition is part of a move order or an order to establish new service.

The OTM Catalog of Services has been updated to reflect these changes.

Any state agency provided with telephone service through AT&T may have a listing in the white (or blue in some cities) pages in the telephone directory published for that area by AT&T. The one-time cost for setting up that listing is included with the initial order establishing the telephone service, provided the listings request is submitted at the same time as the order to establish new service. If an agency moves, the one-time cost of changing address information is included at no additional charge with the charges to move the service, again provided the listings information is submitted at the same time as the move request. If during the year an agency makes a change to its listing or establishes a new listing for an existing number, the agency is billed a separate service order charge for that change or new listing.

Once each year, prior to AT&T publishing a new directory for an area, OTM contacts agencies' TCs to see if their respective agency wishes to make a change to its AT&T telephone directory listing. If it does, OTM sends that change to AT&T for inclusion in the new directory.

If you have questions about this information notice, contact Laura Root Matherne at or 225-342-7725.