State Lands Administrator
Spencer Robinson

Tel: (225) 342-4578
Fax: (225) 342-5458

Physical Address:
1201 N. Third St., Suite G-150
Baton Rouge, LA 70802

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 44124
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804

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Historical Records

Faith LeRoy - Section Manager

This Section of the Office can trace its history to the original creation of the State Land Office in 1844 - whose function was to sell State-owned lands and maintain the records, documents, and plats of said sales. It is these records and maps that provide the evidence of State ownership which is used to develop revenues from surface leasing and permitting for the State Land Office and mineral leasing for the Department of Natural Resources. Additional duties have been added over the years to include the following sub-programs:

*** State Land And Building System (SLABS) Inventory Sub-Program: (L.R.S. 39:11,13,14)

This sub-program maintains a centralized electronic and hardcopy database of all immovable property owned or leased by the State or any of its departments and agencies. Data records are maintained on the approximate 10,000 buildings situated upon 1,500 separate facilities, comprising over 8,000 conveyance documents for 1,500,000 acres of State-owned land. Presently we are continuing to identify these facilities by using Global Positioning Satellite equipment and plotting the data into a GIS mapping system.

*** Historical Land Title Records Sub-Program: (L.R.S. 41 Chapters 1-6)

This sub-program maintains all Official U.S. and State historical land title information - including original land claims pursuant to Spanish, British, and French Land Grants; all severance documents of U.S. and State public lands; all U.S. Official Township Survey plats and field notes; the U.S. and State Tract Books - which are an index of all the other documents mentioned; Section 16 School Lands; State Patents; and numerous related documents. These records make up the source of title for every acre of land in Louisiana, whether privately or publicly owned.We have scanned a major portion of these records for retrieval, viewing, and copying. You can access these records from "Document Access", then "Historical Records" from the main menu on the SLO home page.

*** Tax Adjudicated Land Records Sub-Program: (L.R.S. 47: 1991; 2186; 2194; 2221; 2230; 2251; 2253; 2260)

This sub-program maintains all Official Tax Adjudicated land documents (comprising adjudications, redemptions, cancellations, tax homesteads,and sales) relating to lands seized for the non-payment of property taxes from 1880 to 1989. We are responsible for issuing redemptions and cancellations for adjudications between 1880 and 1973, in addition to conducting sales of said lands adjudicated to the State between 1880 and 1973. You can access these records from "Document Access", then "Tax Records" from the main menu on the SLO home page.

Historical Records Contact Info
Faith LeRoy, Section Manager, Room G-147 (225) 342-4579
Linda Turner, Historical Land Records, Room G-149 (225) 342-4587
Tripp Fairly, Tax Adjudicated Lands, Room G-149 (225) 342-6701