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Information Notices
Notice 08-01 Proposed USPS Rate Change
Notice 06-07 Proposed USPS Rate Change
Notice 02-03  New USPS Rates and Processing Requirements
Notice 02-01  Extremely Important- Moving and Changing Addresses
Memorandum  FY 2002-2003 Messenger Rate Increase
Notice 01-04  New Form for Barcoding or Flat Presorting Services
Notice 01-03 Postal Rate Commission Considers New Rates
Notice 01-02  St. Mail Operations Moves to New Facility
Notice 01-01  USPS Rate Increase July 1, 2001
Notice 00-04  Changes to USPS Rates
Notice 00-03  Hand Addressed Mail
Notice 00-02  Mail Processing Changes
Notice 00-01  Standard A Permit Imprint Bulk Mail
Notice 99-02  Year 2000 Contingency Plan
Notice 99-01  Year 2000 Efforts
Notice 98-06  Messenger Mail Preparation
Notice 98-05  UPS Rate Changes
Notice 15-01 Barcode Information