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The TANF Executive Office of Oversight and Evaluation is part of the Office of the Commissioner within the Division of Administration. The TANF Office was created by the Legislature in 2001 to oversee and evaluate newly-created initiatives funded with federal Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) funds.  These initiatives include 11 state agencies and  22 different service initiatives.  

mission is to provide effective leadership in the oversight and evaluation of TANF funded initiatives and services, and to provide policy guidance and recommendations supported by empirical data and assessment tools in the delivery of quality supportive services and programs to help Louisiana's needy families attain self-sufficiency.

We perform these duties to ensure that the expenditure of funds and the operation of TANF-funded initiatives are done in a manner consistent with legislative intent and comply with federal guidelines to ensure maximum flexibility and performance accountability. 

Some of these responsibilities include:
· Evaluation of DSS TANF services (FITAP/FINDWORK)
· Evaluation of non-DSS TANF initiatives
· Approval and monitoring of all TANF-funded initiatives
· Needs assessments
· Develop, approve, and monitor performance measurement and accountability standards
· TANF Budget Development
· TANF Budget Approval
· Capacity building and technical assistance
· Best-practice resource development
· Dissemination of research and evaluation findings

The TANF Office encourages all TANF-Funded initiatives to comply with Louisianas Strategic Plan for growth and expansion--Vision 2020
--as a blueprint for improving our quality of life in Louisiana.
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You may contact the TANF Office at: 1201 North Third Street
Commissioners Office, Suite 7-230
Baton Rouge, Louisiana  70802
225-342-7000 Phone
225-342-1057 Fax

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