Louisiana Division of Administration



Baton Rouge Airport Parking 2020-2021

  • Documentations required to receive the contract price of $4.50 per day (receipts required) for parking in the indoor/outdoor parking garage is a state ID and Baton Rouge Airport certificate. This certificate must be completed and presented when exiting the parking area at Baton Rouge Airport. Therefore, the traveler must have both this certificate and their State ID badge to receive the state rate. For any agency that does not issue ID badges, the employee must present this certificate along with a business card and driver's license. 

New Orleans Airport Parking - USPark

  • The state’s rate at USPARK on Veterans Blvd is $10.35 per day with tax/fees, (receipt required). US PARK requires state issued photo ID, or valid ID with a state business card, and a tax exemption form if reservation is not made on website. 

Tax Exemption Form