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LaPAS: Louisiana Performance Accountability System


Act 1465 of 1997 (the Louisiana Government Performance and Accountability Act) required that each agency (budget unit) receiving an appropriation in the general appropriation act or the ancillary appropriation act produce a series of performance progress reports. The purpose of these reports is to track the agency's progress toward achievement of annual performance standards.

The Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) in the Division of Administration, as the official record keeper and repository of performance data, maintains an electronic performance database, the Louisiana Performance Accountability System (LaPAS) to track performance standards and actual performance.

To ensure the integrity of the performance database, the OPB also designates the medium for transmission and storage and established the rules for electronic transmission of progress reports and database access. State departments and agencies submit quarterly performance progress reports via LaPAS.

The OPB invites the public to view performance information for state departments and agencies in real time.


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