Louisiana Division of Administration



Manageware: A Practical Guide to Managing for results


MANAGEWARE: A Practical Guide to Managing for Results provides the "how to" instructions for Louisiana's performance-based budgeting processes, which includes policy development, strategic planning, performance-based operational planning and budgeting, capital outlay planning and budgeting, and performance accountability. A comprehensive glossary is also included.

Some material appears in more than one chapter. This duplication is intentional; it reinforces major management principles and minimizes referral to other parts of the manual. Louisiana's management processes are integrated; as a result, many of the same terms and methods recur frequently. Additionally, some information is repeated so that each chapter of MANAGEWARE can stand on its own.



Policy Development
Strategic Planning - Part I
Strategic Planning - Part II
Operational Planning and Budgeting
Capital Outlay Planning and Budgeting
Performance Accountability