Louisiana Division of Administration


Office of Operations overview

The Operations section has primary responsibility for managing all finance and budget related activities. OTS is an ancillary agency and therefore does not receive any direct state appropriation. OTS recovers operational costs on a fee-for-service model leveraging inter-agency transfers and a small amount of self-generated funds. 

Key Functions Performed

  • Service Planning and Management
    • Focuses on the operational and tactical issues in delivery of IT services such as service improvement and customer satisfaction to manage IT’s service levels with the business stakeholders
    • Responsible for operational oversight of agency relationship management, portfolio management, operations and delivery of services such as end user support, applications and data management, data center operations, network and IT security
    • Participates and assists in the preparation of the annual budgeting plan for each IT functional area, and coordinates the contract and resource management efforts
    • Evaluates and refreshes the portfolio of services that can be offered most cost-effectively
  • Service Reporting and Analysis
    • Analyzes and reports on IT service quality and efficiency
    • Identifies and reports on opportunities for improvement and key trends
  • IT Finance and Budgeting
    • Works closely with sub-function managers on cycle forecasts, chargeback management, contract management, rate case planning and annual IT budget planning in collaboration with strategic planning /governance
    • seeks to manage the true costs of IT
  • IT Purchasing and Procurement
    • Enables effective decision-making on purchasing technology collaboratively and in accordance with enterprise standards
  • IT Licensing and Contracts Management
    • Provides a comprehensive support for all IT contracts and licensing
  • IT Vendor/Provider Management
    • Develops/implements the vendor sourcing strategy, manages performance to optimize cost, risk, benefit and service management
  • Chargeback/Rate Setting
    • Develops rates that reflect appropriate cost for each service and provides transparent information to end users about use and fees
  • Service Catalog Development
    • Develops service catalog in alignment with overall IT strategy; partners with functions to determine forward looking service needs
    • Assesses customer demand in support of development, transition, operation and retirement of services in the catalog

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