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Uniform Call Distribution

 Uniform Call Distribution

Uniform Call Distribution is a line of service available for use with Standard Dial Tone (Centrex service) to distribute incoming calls to two or more agents. UCD service is generally used where there is a group of agents regularly receiving a large quantity of incoming calls which anyone in the group can handle. The UCD system automatically delivers each incoming call to the next available agent's line through rotation of lines rather than always starting at the first number (line) in a group of lines. An agency must have at least two lines in a group in order to have UCD service. One UCD system is required for each UCD group.

There are a number of options and capabilities available with UCD. These include the ability to turn off individual stations when not in use, queue some number of incoming callers until an agent is ready, receive some indication of how long queued callers have been waiting, and provide limited announcement service to incoming callers. Depending on the location of the service, different equipment may optionally be available for turning off stations and displaying queue status. Further, some options may require additional circuits, including announcement, make busy and queue status options.

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Billing Rates

Any required circuit(s) is billed separately. Queues and announcements are billable on a per item basis. The cost of the required Centrex service line is included in the UCD Agent Line rate. Selected optional special equipment must be purchased separately.

Circuits are billed at pass through rates. Installation charges for UCD Agent Lines are billed according to Standard Dial Tone Connects/Move rates. Other installation and option charges are listed below under Billing Rates. For equipment options, prices, and associated installation prices, contact OTM.

UCD Service Monthly Rate Installation
Agent Line $60.00  
Queue Slot $2.75  
Announcement $28.00  
UCD System (Group)   $200.00
Make Busy Per Group   $20.00
Make Busy Per Line   $5.00
Queue Status Per Group   $30.00
Queue Slot (Post Cut*)   $5.00
Announcement   $30.00

A Support Service fee of 0.5% shall be applied to the monthly cost of this service.*There is an installation charge for each queue slot added after the system is initially installed. There is no charge for initial queue slot installation.

How To Order

For specific availability and recommendations, the Telecommunications Coordinator should contact the Voice Projects Manager.