Louisiana Division of Administration

Production Support Services

pss overview

The Production Support Services section represents a consolidation of a once-piecemeal system of separate printing operations among various state agencies. PSS was created in 2015 after OTS was formed. Previously, printing and mail services were divided into two agencies, the Office of State Printing and the Office of State Mail, as well as eight other independent print shops. PSS replaced legacy IT print and mail operations from other agencies to create an effective, efficient high-capacity print and mail operation that processes more than 24 million first-class letters each year.

PSS consolidated mailing systems eliminates the need for agency- or building-specific mailrooms by providing uniform service to more than 150 customers statewide. PSS’s no-contact intelligent mail and parcel locker systems have reduced daily mail delivery points in Capitol Park by more than 95%, while providing unprecedented security, accessibility, convenience and end-to-end delivery accountability.

Innovation & Goals

  • PSS implemented 2D matrix bar codes printed on every page to allow staff members to track pages and troubleshoot print job issues quickly. PSS’ machines scan codes and can identify errors, stop production and allow for removal and reprinting.
  • Leverages the state’s purchasing power and economies of scale to maintain stable pricing, despite national and local disruptions in materials availability. Nationally, pricing volatility has spiked as much as 8% for certain media; PSS has avoided or mitigated all nationwide price increases since 2019.
  • Investments in cutting-edge inkjet printing technology affords customer agencies access to high-quality, full-color printing at significantly reduced costs over existing technologies.
  • PSS continues to consolidate agency mailroom activities, with new customers enrolling each month, and expand services such as a self-service mail management portal, electronic mail and parcel tracking technologies and streamlined print-to-mail solutions.

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