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Managed Servers

Managed Servers

OTS Data Center operations supports a number of modern server platforms. Servers are billed based on “compute units” or “CU," where 1 CPU core = 1 CU and 1 GB RAM = 1/10 CU. Included within the monthly rate for each server line of service is/are:

  1. Personnel to perform OS level administration (install, configure, patch and update)
  2. Network connectivity from the server to the Louisiana State Network
  3. Facility costs (floor space, electricity, security, generators, fuel, cooling, etc.)
  4. Base Operating System licensing costs
  5. Server hardware and maintenance 
  6. Hardware refresh on end of useful life (typically a five-year cycle)


  • VMWare Version 6.7
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 & 7
  • AIX OS Version 7.1
  • Mainframe z/OS Version 2.2

Physical Servers

Dedicated managed physical servers.

Virtual Servers

VMWare backed virtual machines built out on a state-of-the art Nutanix hyper-converged platform. Fully modular node-based architecture with n+2 data parity to provide self-healing. Utilizes VMWare metro clustering to further improve resilience by spanning geographic locations via low latency connectivity between the two primary data centers. Uses NSX for virtualized routing and firewall, including micro segmentation to ensure secure, segregated customer environments.

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Managed Servers

Managed Servers