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Metro DWDM

Metro Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing

OTS offers high bandwidth optical data transport between the Information Services Building and the Department of Public Safety data centers in Baton Rouge. The Metro Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing service provides transparent, protocol independent, bit-rate transport of numerous service types. This service is ideally suited for mainframe connectivity, business continuity/disaster recovery solutions, Ethernet transport and optical storage connectivity. This is an on-premise contracted service.

Additional information is provided below. If you need assistance with this service, please contact:

Ordering / Customer Service Provisioning

Trouble Reporting / Tech Support

  • Information Services Building, 1800 North 3rd St., Baton Rouge, LA
  • Department of Public Safety Data Processing Center, 8001 Independence Blvd., Baton Rouge

All connections are provided as single point-to-point transport circuits.

All handoffs are fiber optic. A support service fee of 0.5% shall be applied to the monthly cost of these services. For any other protocols other than those listed below, contact OTS at 225.342.7720 or networkorders@la.gov

Protocol Monthly Rate
Fibre Channel 100 $760
Fibre Channel 200 $760
FICON $760
FICON Express $760
Ethernet: 100 Mb $380
Ethernet: 1 Gb $760
Ethernet: 10 Gb $1,216
Ethernet: 40 Gb $3,040

Submit the NS-53 Metro DWDM Order Form to order these services.

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Telecom Coordinator

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