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Data Center Operations

dco overview

The Data Center Operations is responsible for core technology infrastructure management, including servers and directory services, database, mainframe, storage and backup, network and facilities. DCO is making significant strides in standardizing and modernizing user locations with the latest Software Defined network technology. In 2020, DCO negotiated significant contract rate reductions, nearly tripling the bandwidth while reducing costs by 20%.

In addition, DCO replicates all mainframe data between two data centers so that either site can assume responsibility for the other site’s workload during a time of crisis. The primary OTS data center contains an IBM z14, featuring 3,971 MIPS and 2368GB RAM, and the secondary data center houses an IBM z13s, featuring 150 MIPS and 512GB RAM. Secondary mainframes are Capacity Backup machines, with the ability to ramp up processing power on demand in an emergency.

DCO also partners with End User Computing and Information Security units to support network services at more than 750 in-scope user locations.

Key Functions Performed / Statistics

  • Servers
    • Managers approximately 5,000 physical and virtual servers
    • More than 11 petabytes of storage
    • Two state data centers
    • Cloud services in Virginia, Ohio and Oregon
    • 2,700 actively supported network nodes
    • Administers more than 5,000 servers, both physical and virtual
    • Virtual environment hosted on one of the largest SLED deployments of Hyper-Converged Infrastructure technology with more than 160 HCI hosts
    • Virtual server environment stretched between two data centers for disaster recovery and business continuity
    • Uses Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure cloud services located across the continental United States
    • Dedicated FTI infrastructure to meet IRS compliance requirements
    • Hosts more than 40,000 email accounts on Microsoft Exchange
    • Administers more than 20 agency Directory Services environments
    • Manages more than 60,000 user accounts.

  • Database
    • Architects and administers approximately 14,000 database systems
    • Leverages cloud database environments through Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure
    • Designated FTI database environment to meet IRS compliance requirements
    • Supports database platform solutions: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Lotus Notes Domino and Unisys Mapper
    • Database lines of service features include high availability, storage, backup and recovery, security and disaster recovery

  • Mainframe
    • Architects and supports mainframes for vital systems across DOA, DCFS, DOTD, DPS, LDH and LWC
    • Engineered redundant consolidated mainframes between the two data centers for both IBM and Unisys machines
    • Migrated all physical tape storage to disk-based Virtual Tape Libraries
    • The Unisys Dorado processor is dedicated exclusively for use by the DPS Office of Motor Vehicles

  • Storage and Backup
    • Architects and supports all storage systems and connecting fiber channel networks
    • Administers 20-plus Storage Area Network units and three Network Area Storage units
    • OTS oversees a total storage capacity of more than 11 Petabytes
    • Provides Performance, Standard and Archive storage tiers
    • Backs-up and replicates all production systems to multiple locations
    • Over 2.5 Petabytes of data protected nightly through 1,800 automated backup jobs
    • Ability to target writing backups to multiple locations, including the Cloud
    • Supports legacy backup products for agencies not yet on OTS Lines of Service which were in place prior to the consolidation effort
    • Works with business to ensure Recovery Point Objective and Recovery Time Objectives are met
    • Provides file-share services and high-speed stand-alone storage

  • Network
    • Architects and supports a statewide network with five regional hubs that support 20,000-plus users
    • Provides internet access and data center connectivity to in-scope and out-of-scope state offices via private MPLS backbone (LaNet)
      12Gb+ internet bandwidth
    • Supports 5,300-plus leased circuits
    • Manages network services in two consolidated state data centers and Venyu data center in Shreveport
    • Actively supports 2,700 network nodes
    • Deploys secure, seamless wireless connectivity standard across all user locations (wifi)
    • Provides secure connectivity over lower-cost commodity internet services
    • Provides redundant connectivity to all sites, leveraging 4g/5g/FirstNet cellular networks.
    • Migrated from many smaller agency specific circuits to few larger shared circuits for significantly lower overall expense

  • Facilities
    • Co-located primary data centers
    • 24/7/365 100% uptime availability
    • Triple-redundancy automatic generator power generation
    • Dual-redundant UPS backup systems
    • Triple-redundant cooling systems
    • On-site security surveillance Systems
    • Electronic badge access security
    • Easy on-off loading docks
    • Fire-suppression and water-detection systems
    • Remote monitoring and alerting of all systems
Data Center Operations

Data Center Operations