Louisiana Division of Administration

Telephone Directories

Telephone Directories

Public Telephone Directories

Public phone directories are provided by AT&T or an independent telephone company. OTS coordinates with the agency Telecommunications Coordinator and the telephone company to update directory listings and to provide agencies with local telephone directories. Directory advertising and orders for directories outside of the agency's local calling area are handled directly by the agency and the telephone company.

A listing may be a straight-line listing, a cross-reference listing, or a caption listing. Other listings options may be available. Visit the Public Telephone Directories page for examples and more information.

Local and National Directory Assistance

Local and National Directory Assistance is provided to subscribers by the telephone companies to aid in the retrieval of destination numbers.

State Government Directory Assistance Service

State Government Directory Assistance Service assists the general public as well as state agencies by providing the following information:

  • State of Louisiana government telephone numbers
  • Dialing instructions
  • Names of department heads and other state officials
  • Assistance in identifying the appropriate state agency

Visit the Directory Assistance page for more details.

State Government Telephone Directory

The Louisiana State Government Telephone Directory is published by OTS in an effort to provide an accurate, effective source of information to state agencies.

The Louisiana State Government Telephone Directory is divided into four sections:

  • The Information Section contains a quick reference telephone list for access to key personnel and major sections at OTS and information on repair and trouble reporting.
  • The Listings Section contains telephone and FAX numbers for state agencies. These listings are arranged alphabetically. Local dialing instructions can be found before the listings of each of the seven major metropolitan areas.
  • The Reference Section contains telephone numbers for Louisiana's congressional delegation, state legislators, executive branch elected and appointed officials and colleges and universities.
  • The Telecommunications Coordinators Section explains the responsibilities of a state agency Telecommunications Coordinator.

Visit the State Government Telephone Directory page for more details.