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Consolidated Network Access

Consolidated Network Access

The Consolidated Network Access Line of Service is the on-ramp to OTS's network. This line of service is used for physical and logical access to obtain the OTS Internet and/or MPLS Intrastate Transport services.

CNA service provides customers the ability to connect to the OTS network for data transport via three options:

  1. Direct Access via Ethernet: Agencies “co-located” or locally housed with OTS points of presence, or POP, connecting via Ethernet over in-building or campus wiring.
  2. Direct access via T1: Agency offices remote to OTS POP sites connecting via carrier-provided T1 circuits that terminate in a DS3 at the OTS POP. Agency is responsible for the cost of the T1 circuit.
  3. Shared Access via Ethernet: Agencies remote to OTS POP connecting via carrier/service provider Ethernet circuits. These may be point-to-point or more often point-to-multipoint configurations. Typically, this service involves two separate Ethernet circuits to establish service: one circuit from an agency site to the service provider cloud (tail) and another circuit from the OTS POP to the service provider cloud (referred to as host)*. The service provider creates the connectivity between the sites via its internal mapping process.

*OTS provides the host portion of the service connection via Shared Ethernet Host circuits at all OTS POP sites for consolidated IT customers. Customers are billed Ethernet Access rates based on a bandwidth subscription. Non-consolidated customers maintain separate agency-specific Ethernet host circuits and are billed the Direct Access via Ethernet CNA service rate for connectivity to the OTS backbone.

Additional information is provided below. If you need assistance with this service, please contact:

Order Inquiries

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CNA services may be requested by:

  • Any political subdivision of the State of Louisiana, including city and parish government
  • Private and public educational institutions within the State of Louisiana from kindergarten through university level
  • Any other qualifying institutions as described in the Administrative Rules and Regulations, Title 4, Part IX Telecommunications

Customers of the CNA service are expected to abide by rules of engagement outlined in the Office of Technology Services Information Security Policy.

Although OTS network services are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at times it is necessary to perform maintenance on network components in order to maintain quality service. OTS strives to perform this maintenance with the least impact on its customers as outlined in the network maintenance schedule. If you should experience trouble with your network services outside of these scheduled maintenance windows, please contact our Trouble Reporting number at 225.342.7777 and review the technical support guidance.

Subscribers will be billed by OTS through the standard billing arrangements for this service. Billing will begin the first month after the connection is established. A support service fee of 0.5% shall be applied to the monthly cost of these services.

  • Direct Access via Ethernet:
    • CNA fee $350 monthly
    • Non-consolidated IT customers will also incur Ethernet host circuit charges
  • Direct Access via T1:
    • CNA fee $110 monthly
    • Agency-provided T1 circuit cost
  • Shared Access via Ethernet:
    • Agency required tail circuit costs
    • CNA access fees per bandwidth subscription:
      • Ethernet Access 5 MBPS ​$350
      • E​thernet Access 10 MBPS $500
      • Ethernet Access 20 MBPS $600
      • Ethernet Access 50 MBPS $700
      • Ethernet Access 100 MBPS $800
      • Ethernet Access 150 MBPS $900
      • Ethernet Access 250 MBPS $1,000
      • Ethernet Access 500 MBPS $1,100
      • Ethernet Access 1000 MBPS $1,200

To subscribe to CNA services:

  • Review the complete description of the CNA service, including all applicable terms and conditions.
  • Decide what configuration of services best meets your organization's needs.
  • Complete an NS-43 Enhanced Network Services Access Request Form and submit to the address indicated on the form. By submitting this request, the subscriber acknowledges having read, understood, and agreed to all the terms and conditions outlined in the access request.

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Network Services Self-Service Portal

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