Louisiana Division of Administration



Primary disk storage. Includes performance, standard, and archive tiers for flexibility between price and performance. Included within the monthly rate for each storage line of service:

  • Personnel to perform high level administration (configure, patch and update)
  • Connectivity to internal data center resources
  • Facility costs (e.g., floor space, electricity, security, generators, fuel, cooling)
  • Licensing costs for backup software
  • Storage hardware and maintenance
  • Hardware refresh on end of useful life (i.e., typically a five-year cycle)
  • Backups and replication where applicable


  • CommVault Version 11 SP 11
  • Veeam Version 9.5

SAN / NAS Storage

Included in the per gigabyte rate is replication between data centers and two compressed/deduplicated rolling backups, also one at each data center. Archival data will be live replicated between the data centers. 

Mainframe Storage

Primary and archival storage for the OTS consolidated mainframe environment. 

AWS Cloud Services

AWS Elastic Block Storage, Simple Storage Service, and Glacier in the OTS Virtual Private Cloud but must be approved on a per project basis.

All AWS Services: 20% markup (covers administration, overhead, firewall, intrusion detection, etc. in transit VPC).

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