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IT Procurement & Delegations

OTS has the responsibility to oversee information technology operations for state department and agencies under the authority of OTS. OTS' overall duties and responsibilities include:

  • Establishing and coordinating all information technology systems and services across the executive branch of state government
  • Acting as the sole centralized customer for the acquisition, billing, and record keeping of information technology systems or services provided to state agencies
  • Reviewing, coordinating, approving, or disapproving requests by state agencies for information technology procurement
  • Establishing master purchase contracts for equipment provided by individual manufacturers

The catalog of products and services provides guidance regarding how to order or access many specific products or services. A general overview regarding some example items centrally procured by OTS is provided below. Some consumable or specialty items do not have to be procured by OTS and may be procured directly by an agency; general and agency-specific exemptions from OTS procurement are also listed below. If an additional exemption is desired, the agency must work with their respective Agency Relationship Manager to submit an IT Procurement Delegation Form for consideration.

Many IT acquisitions must be submitted through the Ivanti ticket system and go through the agency-specific approval process. The OTS Agency Relationship Manager or delegate(s) shall be responsible for the review and approval of all requests, and OTS must be involved as early as possible in all IT related activities at the agency to assure optimal use of IT resources and funds. OTS will determine the standards for the various types of computer equipment and peripherals that will be approved and utilized within the state to ensure technical compliance with information security standards, efficient use of resources and funding and to ensure consistency of the statewide computing network. The Agency Relationship Manager that approves the purchase will scan the document and email it to OTS.Procurement@la.gov.

OTS centrally-procured items include, but is not limited to:

  • Computer hardware, including maintenance, for:
    • Enterprise Server computer and peripherals (mainframe)
    • Intel File & Application Servers and peripherals
    • Personal Computers and peripherals including desktops, laptops, monitors, printers, scanners, Personal Digital Assistants, Tablet/Slate Devices such as iPads and other tablet Smart Devices
    • Personal Computer-Assisted Design and Drafting workstations and peripherals
    • Geographic Information System workstations and peripherals
    • Computer Projectors
    • Any other computer systems and/or communications device and their peripherals including networking, wireless access points, disk drives, monitors, video conferencing equipment, etc.
  • Computer applications, systems, software, and maintenance regardless of whether those are developed in-house or purchased
  • Any type of contract involving the delivery, support, or IT consulting services regarding any of the above.

Please also remember to capture the required packing slips and paper work upon delivery to assure the required PCard logs as explained in the LaCarte P-Card Certification Course for Cardholders in LEO. All property purchased by OTS for an agency as part of a line of service, as well as inventory purchased for use by an OTS employee, will belong to OTS and should be tagged in OTS' inventory system. Email OTS Receiving to request tags.

The items listed below do not need to follow the OTS procurement procedures. Agencies may procure the following items via the agency’s standard procurement procedures:

  • Cellular telephone & data service should always be ordered through the employee’s agency telecommunications coordinator; refer to Delegation of Authority for Telecommunications Requests for additional information including specific exemptions and delegations
  • Computer cables and replacement parts (i.e., internal cards, memory, power supplies, batteries, boards, miscellaneous accessories)
  • Printer supplies, consumables and replacement parts (i.e., cables, paper, toner, ink, fusers, drums, assemblies, rollers, belts, maintenance kits, internal cards)
  • Keyboards/mice (wired or wireless)
  • Laptop cases, batteries and docking stations
  • Portable/ Removable storage for non-sensitive data (i.e., Flash drives, DVDR/CDR media)
  • Computer speakers
  • Audio Headsets and microphones
  • Uninterruptable Power Supplies – Desktop models only, replacement batteries (desktop), Surge Suppressors
  • Audio Visual Equipment and replacement parts (i.e., large screen monitors for projection or TV use, switchers, A/V recording)
  • GPS devices (personal) for simple everyday use when accuracy is not critical
  • Digital cameras
  • Extension cords
  • Other consumables

  • Card Swipes
  • ID Badge Printers

  • CCTV Cameras and parts
  • Video Encoders, Video Decoders, Video Servers and parts for each
  • 700mhz two way radios and parts
  • Fiber Optic Regens, cables, patch panels, splice enclosures and parts for each
  • Equipment cabinets, fans, A/C, Surge Suppression, solar panels, batteries and parts for each
  • Cisco switches 3xxx level and smaller for CCTV Cameras and Fiber fence
  • Server Racks, Rack Power Supplies, Rack Fans and Rack Mounting Hardware for CCTV and Fiber fence
  • Fiber fence controllers, servers and software
  • Physical access control systems

  • Credit Card Readers for Parish Health Units
  • Adaptive/specialized telecommunication equipment for Louisiana Commission for the Deaf
  • Program Shared Data/Database Purchases

  • CCTV Cameras, and parts
  • Video Encoders, Video Decoders, Video Servers, and parts
  • Radar Vehicle Detectors, Video Vehicle Detectors, Blue Tooth Vehicle Detectors, and parts
  • Highway Advisory Radios and parts
  • Zetron Alarm Systems and parts
  • Permanent/Portable Dynamic Message Signs and parts
  • Ramp Meter Equipment and parts
  • Electronic Toll Collection equipment and parts
  • Outdoor Licensed/Unlicensed microwave radios, Ethernet radios, T1 radios, and parts
  • 700mhz two way radios, and parts
  • Cellular Modems, antennas, and parts
  • Fiber Optic Regens, cables, patch panels, splice enclosures, and parts
  • Equipment cabinets, fans, A/C, Surge Suppression, solar panels, batteries, and parts
  • Edge switches, hub site switches and parts
  • Cisco switches 3xxx level and smaller for Traffic Cameras and Microwave
  • Power supplies for all levels of Cisco switches
  • TMC operator console furniture
  • Server Racks, Rack Power Supplies, Rack Fans, and Rack Mounting Hardware at various microwave and TMC sites.
  • Toll Collection Servers until/unless they move to IT
  • Toll Collection Lane and Field Equipment
  • Bluetooth Readers for Travel Time *

  • Compound Video Surveillance equipment: Video Encoders, Video Decoders, Video Servers, and parts for each
  • ID card printers, readers

  • Printers on 4th floor, especially MICR
  • IBML Scanners
  • Pitney Bowes mail machine

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