Louisiana Division of Administration

TIN 14-06

Telecommunications Information Notice 14-06 Local Telecommunications Services

October 22, 2014

The Office of Telecommunications Management  recently established new contracts with AT&T, CenturyLink, Cox, and tw telecom for local telecommunications services. The services available include business telephone service, PBX trunking services (T1 services), Primary Rate Interface service, and DID number blocks. There are some customer restrictions as to the availability and use of these new contracts.

All AT&T and CenturyLink Customers

For those agencies receiving local telecommunications services from AT&T or CenturyLink, OTM has already issued service orders to convert all current billing to the new contract rates for the above listed services. Based on the new contracts, most agencies will see a reduction in charges on the September 2014 OTM bill.

Alternate Local Service Providers--Cox and tw telecom

Local service solutions are being offered by Cox in Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans. Services are being offered by tw telecom in various locations throughout the state.


Before deciding to convert services, or prior to ordering new services, agencies should first take the following steps:

  • Send an OTM S-1 Form to voiceorders@la.gov requesting a comparison of the availability and pricing of services for all vendors (AT&T, CenturyLink, Cox, and tw telecom), as pricing varies between these contractors. Based on the agency's request, OTM will determine which contractors can technically provide the service required at the specific agency's address. OTM will request price quotes from those contractors and confirm applicable contract rates and service intervals. OTM will then provide this information to the agency.
  • After receiving availability and comparative pricing and service interval information from OTM, the agency may select the desired contractor based on this information.
  • The agency must then send a service request to the OTM Customer Service section for the selected services and contract. OTM will then send a service order to the selected contractor.

Note: State agencies should not request or receive design services directly from the contract vendors. This work should be requested through the OTM Customer Service section. The OTM Customer Service section will log the request and forward it to the OTM Voice Projects Section for handling. All design and engineering for state agency projects using these contracts must be completed through the OTM Voice Projects Section.

E-Rate Qualified Entities, Quasi-State Agencies, and Political Subdivisions

  • E-Rate qualified entities may use these contracts. However, E-Rate qualified agencies must order E-Rate qualified services directly from the contractor. The contractor is responsible for verifying the eligibility and E-Rate discount applicable to the entity ordering the services.
  • Written orders for services to quasi-state agencies and political subdivisions, such as local and parish government agencies, may be issued directly by the quasi-state agency or parish government agency to the contractor. The contractor may accept orders directly from these agencies.
  • Only E-Rate qualified entities, quasi-state agencies and political subdivisions may order directly from the vendor. Billing will be by the contractor directly to these entities.

Contract Numbers / Vendor / Service Area

  • ​409849 / AT&T / Most areas of the state
  • 409762 / CenturyLink / Baton Rouge, Monroe, Ruston, and Shreveport
  • 409800 / Cox / Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans
  • 409760 /  tw telecom / Various location throughout the state

Please distribute this information to all purchasing, telecommunications, and information technology staff. For more information about this notice contact Jolene Ardoin at 225.342.8682 or email.