Louisiana Division of Administration

TIN 14-07

Telecommunications Information Notice 14-07 Regional Ethernet

November 14, 2014

The Office of Telecommunications Management has established new contracts for Ethernet services, extending the coverage from the current metropolitan areas to statewide. The contracts will be used to support a new OTM Regional Ethernet line of service, replacing the existing Metro Ethernet line of service. Under Regional Ethernet, the State is divided into nine separate regions. The new contracts will provide Ethernet services for both intra-region and between two geographically adjacent regions. The new contracts are not applicable for Ethernet services that cross more than two geographically adjacent regions. A detailed service description and the definitions of the regions can be found in the OTM Catalog of Services, under Regional Ethernet.

All current agencies' Ethernet circuits under the existing Metro Ethernet contracts will be migrated to the new service as soon as possible. OTM will work closely with agencies to plan and to execute the migrations with as little impact to agency operations as possible.

All new orders for Ethernet services statewide will go through the normal OTM ordering process and will be fulfilled through the new contracts.

Questions about this information notice should be directed to Chuxing Chen, OTM Enhanced Network Services, at 225.219.4883 or email.​