Louisiana Division of Administration

TIN 15-01

Telecommunications Information Notice 15-01 New Billing Rates for Data Dial Tone Data Center Network Services

March 27, 2015

The Office of Telecommunications Management has established new billing rates for Data Dial Tone Data Center Network Services. This change applies to server and legacy switch-to-switch connections in the State Data Centers at the Information Services Building and the Department of Public Safety.

The new rates are based on new technologies and customer service requirements, in keeping with the shift from a mostly copper connected, individual physical server environment, to a more fiber-optics connected, virtual server environment. The new rates include a per virtual machine charge determined by the MAC address, in conjunction with copper or fiber-optics physical port charges at different connection speeds. Alternative‚Äčly, customers may choose an option for unlimited VMs on a given port. New 10Gb connection options are also available. A traditional non-VM server will be charged with a basic data center port and one MAC address. A detailed description of individual rate elements can be found in the OTM Catalog of Services, under Data Dial Tone, Billing Rates for Data Dial Tone.

All existing Data Center Network Services will be migrated to the new billing rates. OTM will work closely with agencies to plan and to execute the billing changes, and if necessary, physical migrations with minimal service disruptions. All new orders for Data Center Network Services will bill at the new rates immediately.

Questions about this information notice should be directed to Chuxing Chen, OTM Enhanced Network Services, at 225.219.4883 or by email.