Louisiana Division of Administration

TIN 15-02

Telecommunications Information Notice 15-02 New Billing Rates for Data Dial Tone Wireless LAN Services

March 27, 2015

The Office of Telecommunications Management has established new billing rates for Data Dial Tone Wireless LAN services. This change applies to all wireless service provided in OTM-managed buildings and data centers.

WLAN services may be set up for private agency access or for guest internet use (Internet Only). Agencies may be assigned one SSID for private agency access and one SSID for Internet Only access. Rates will be based on the number of simultaneous users on a WLAN network (per SSID). Each SSID assignment will include 24 simultaneous hosts free of charge as part of the agency's Data Dial Tone service. A rate of $5 per IP address will apply for larger subnets. Rates for specific subnet options can be found in the OTM Catalog of Services under Data Dial Tone, Billing Rates for Data Dial Tone.

All existing wireless LAN services will be migrated to the new billing rates. OTM will work closely with agencies to plan and to execute the billing changes. All new orders will bill at the new rates immediately.

Questions about this information notice should be directed to otm-lsi-security@listserv.doa.la.gov.