Louisiana Division of Administration

TIN 16-01

Telecommunications Information Notice 16-01 Rate Increases for Centrex Service and Analog Circuits

January 20, 2016

The Office of Technology Services/Network Services (formerly the Office of Telecommunications Management) would like to inform all customers of forthcoming changes in rates for Centrex services and data circuits.

The vendor cost is increasing, which will result in an increased rate for Centrex services provided to customers effective with the January 2016 bill. This increase is the direct result of:

  • an increase in federal fees, and
  • a decrease to volume discount pricing due to a decline in purchasing.

The average increase in billing to agencies will be approximately 18.5%; actual amount will vary with services utilized.

There will be an increase in rates for data circuits, other than Ethernet circuits. This increase is the direct result of an increase in vendor costs for the circuits. On the January bill for data circuits, agencies should expect to see an increase of approximately 9% or more per data circuit.

Questions regarding this notice should be directed to Office of Finance and Support Services, OTS Network Services Billing at 225.342-0700 or otmbilling@la.gov.