Louisiana Division of Administration

TIN 19-03 Correction

TIN 19-03 Correction Rate Reduction for Long Distance Calling (Corrected Rates)

August 21, 2019

The Office of Technology Services/Network Services, formerly known as the Office of Telecommunications Management, recently established new contracts with AT&T, CenturyLink, and Granite for Long Distance Calling. With the new contracts, OTS/NS is able to reduce the per minute Long Distance Calling rate from $0.036 to $0.031 nationwide, regardless of the time of day. This applies to Centrex and Non-Standard Dial Tone (e.g., Business Lines). There is no charge for nationwide long distance calling on HVS.

This is a major contract conversion that will take several months to complete. We are expecting to see the new rate in effect by the end of the calendar year. At that time, the OTS/NS Catalog of Services will be updated to reflect the rate reduction. Questions regarding this notice should be directed to Jolene Ardoin at 225.342.8682 or jolene.ardoin@la.gov.