Louisiana Division of Administration

TIN 19-04

Telecommunications Information Notice 19-04 OTS/NS (Formerly OTM) Billing; Service Order Freeze

November 26, 2019


Due to the recent cybersecurity incident and ongoing efforts at recovery, the Office of Technology Services Network Services (OTS/NS-formerly OTM) Self Service Billing Portal is unavailable until further notice. OTS hopes to make the November bill available to agencies in January.

Service Order Freeze

Further, to expedite recovery efforts it is necessary for OTS to temporarily freeze most telecommunications service order activity for the period of November 27, 2019, through January 1, 2020. Customers may continue to submit orders while the freeze is in effect. Orders received during this period may be held and processed after the freeze unless deemed an emergency. Billing may be delayed for all work during this period.

This TIN will be updated as dates are determined.

Please distribute this information notice to the appropriate financial and technical staff.

Questions regarding this information notice should be directed to Jolene Ardoin at jolene.ardoin@la.gov or 225.342.8682.