Louisiana Division of Administration

LaGov EPR Expansion

LaGOV Enterprise Resource Planning Expansion

The Office of Technology Services Applications and Data Management unit has been working on the ongoing LaGov Enterprise Resource Planning system – a fully integrated system that includes Financials, Logistics, Human Resources/Payroll and Business Intelligence. The system consolidates multiple legacy systems and many agency-specific systems, providing improved transparency and standardized processes.

As of FY 2020-21, all but four departments have been implemented on LaGov. Funding was established to help OTS move forward with expanding the LaGov system to include additional agencies as well as deploy a budgeting module that will represent a significant improvement in the way the state prepares and forecasts Louisiana’s budget. The Budget Development module will be implemented for 12 additional departments in the next budget cycle, or October 2021.

Expansions and Enhancements

  • Current: Implementation Date is July 1, 2021 for FY 2021-22
    • Division of Administration and related offices
    • Department of Health
    • Children and Family Services
    • Treasury
    • 12 departments in progress for the LaGov Budget Development System which will be implemented for the next budget cycle in October 2022
  • Next Phase: Implementation date is July 1, 2022 for FY 2022-23
    • Treasury Revenue, implementation of Revenue business process for all agencies
    • Design and development of Capital Outlay Budgeting component
  • Future Enhancements
    • Learning Management System
    • Onboarding
    • Recruitment
    • Performance and Goals