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Network Services Self-Service Portal

Network Services Self-Service Portal

The Network Services Self-Service Portal provides agencies the ability to view their telecommunications costs and bills online. Agencies have access to both summary reports and detailed reports, including appropriate backup documentation sent by email, fax or mail to an agency from vendors. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You may access the Self-Service Portal online. You must enter your login ID and password to view the billing reports available for your agency.

At least six months of billing data, beginning with June 2014, will be available in the Self-Service Portal.

Problems can be reported by emailing a completed Self-Service Portal Security Access Form (NS 26) to otmserviceportal@la.gov. OTS will respond as soon as possible, not to exceed five business days.

Submit an email to otm.cd@la.gov related to any questions or problems with the content of your bill.

OTS currently supports and recommends the PDF Adobe or Excel formats for downloading bills.

No, each agency may only view the bill for their agency.

Training is not required. Please refer to the Network Services Self-Service Portal User Guide to walk a user through the steps required to view and download the billing data. A quick reference guide is also available.

Yes. If you would like to attend a training session, contact Laura Root Matherne in the OTS Information and Training Section by 225.342.7725 or email.

A Telecommunications Coordinator, commonly referred to as a TC, is the agency's authorized representative for approving and coordinating telecommunications activities. Agencies request telecommunications coordinator appointments by submitting a Telecommunications Coordinator Appointment/Update​ Form (NS-11) to the OTS Information and Training Section manager. Additional information regarding telecommunications coordinator responsibilities are provided online. Questions regarding this should be directed to Laura Root Matherne by phone at 225.342.7725 or email.

No, you do not have to be a Telecommunications Coordinator to view agency billing data using the Self-Service Portal; however, your agency Telecommunications Coordinator must approve and request access on your behalf using the Self-Service Portal Security Access Form (NS-26).

If you are a Telecommunications Coordinator you may request access to your billing reports for yourself or other users at your agency by submitting the Self Service Portal Security Access Form (NS-26).

Please contact otm.cd@la.gov to discontinue the printed bill. Use the Self-Service Portal Security Access Form (NS-26) to request access to the Self-Service Portal.

Submit a Telecommunications Coordinator Appointment/Update Form (NS-11) to Laura Matherne to remove the TC from the TC database and from online billing. OTS will ensure the user's access is removed from the Self-Service Portal.

The agency Telecommunications Coordinator must approve a request to delete a user from the Self-Service Portal and submit the Self-Service Portal Security Access Form (NS-26) to otmserviceportal@la.gov requesting the deletion of users.

Submit requests for this information to otmfiscal@la.gov. When requesting additions to OTS general ledger numbers/accounting unit numbers, please include all users who should have access to those numbers. 

Login to the Self-Service Portal
Login to the Self-Service Portal