Louisiana Division of Administration

TIN 13-06

Telecommunications Information Notice 13-06 Changes in Voice Messaging Services

This information notice is to alert agencies of a change in the Voice Messaging Services provided by the Office of Telecommunications Management. Services being provided by our current contractor, tw telecom, will no longer be available in early 2014. As of November 7, 2013, orders for Voice Messaging Services are being placed with AT&T for Memory Call Voice Mail.

Not only will OTM be using Memory Call service for all new requests, OTM will also move current users from the tw telecom platform to the Memory Call platform. OTM is working on the migration timetable and will share that with agencies in a subsequent information notice. That notice will include a timeframe for the migration of each telephone company central office, its targeted disconnect date, and how OTM plans to accomplish the migration with minimum disruption to current Voice Messaging Service subscribers.

OTM intends to provide a few days when both mailboxes will be available to the subscribers. This will allow subscribers to clear messages from the tw telecom mailbox and to set up the Memory Call mailbox. Each central office will have a different, non-State access number which subscribers will call to retrieve their messages. Those numbers will be made available through the OTM Catalog of Services.

The Memory Call mailbox for personal telephone answering comes in one size only, not the small/medium/large to which subscribers are accustomed. The Memory Call mailbox has a messaging holding capacity of 30 messages of 3 minutes in length each, which is comparable to the small mailbox through tw telecom. Memory Call also provides Transfer Boxes as well as three different sizes of Information Only Boxes (announcements--one-minute, three-minute, or six-minute outgoing messages). The charge for a voice mailbox will be the same as the current charge for a small mail box: $6.20 per month. Subscribers will not be charged for installation for the transition to the new provider. Refer to the OTM Catalog of Services for additional billing information.

OTM will reach out to the contact person of record for Single Line Directory mailboxes, as Memory Call service differs from the tw telecom offering for this mailbox type.

All requests for Voice Messaging Services should be sent to the OTM Customer Service Section.

Questions regarding this information notice may be addressed to the following OTM Messaging Services personnel: