Louisiana Division of Administration

TIN 13-07

Telecommunications Information Notice 13-07 Voice Messaging Services Migration to Memory Call

As previously announced in Telecommunications Information Notice 13-06, Voice Messaging Services provided through the Office of Telecommunications Management are currently in transition from tw telecom to AT&T Memory Call. This information notice is to update agency telecommunications coordinators regarding the migration plans. A targeted timetable of the migration for each telephone company central office is included.

Because tw telecom services will be unavailable in early 2014, OTM does have a very fast-paced migration planned. Please review the timetable and inform appropriate staff. Refer to Voice Messaging Service in the OTM Catalog of Service for the Memory Call User Guide and the Memory Call access numbers for each central office compared to the "old" tw telecom access numbers.

The dates below are when the Memory Call mailboxes should be available for set up and will begin answering calls. The tw telecom mailboxes will be deleted three days later, and messages in those boxes will no longer be available for retrieval. To keep the work day disruption to a minimum, OTM will be doing the migration by cost center for each central office.

Date Central Office (Area Code-Prefixes)
1/3/2014 Metairie (504-838/846/219)
1/3/2014 Riverside (504-361)
1/3/2014 Broadmoor (504-826/827)
1/8/2014 Lake Charles University (337-475)
1/8/2014 Shreveport Highland (318-869/862)
1/9/2014 Lake Charles Main (337-491)
1/9/2014 Alexandria Main (318-484/487/767)
1/10/2014 Monroe Main (318-362)
1/13/2014 Shreveport Main (318-676)
1/13/2014 Lafayette Main partial (337-262)
1/14/2014 Lafayette Main partial (337-262)
1/15/2014 Baton Rouge Goodwood partial (225-922/925/216/237/287/362)
1/16/2014 Baton Rouge Goodwood partial (225-922/925/216/237/287/362)
1/17/2014 Baton Rouge Goodwood partial (225-922/925/216/237/287/362)
2/4/2014 New Orleans Main partial (504-568/556/599/680/903)
2/5/2014 New Orleans Main partial (504-568/556/599/680/903)
2/6/2014 New Orleans Main partial (504-568/556/599/680/903)
2/7/2014 New Orleans Main partial (504-568/556/599/680/903)
2/10/2014 Baton Rouge Main partial (225-342/219)
2/11/2014 Baton Rouge Main partial (225-342/219)
2/12/2014 Baton Rouge Main partial (225-342/219)
2/13/2014 Baton Rouge Main partial (225-342/219)
2/14/2014 Baton Rouge Main partial (225-342/219)
2/17/2014 Baton Rouge Main partial (225-342/219)
2/18/2014 Baton Rouge Main partial (225-342/219)
2/19/2014 Baton Rouge Main partial (225-342/219)
2/20/2014 Baton Rouge Main partial (225-342/219)
2/21/2014 Baton Rouge Main partial (225-342/219)

To reiterate, please be aware of the importance of the dates listed above. Those are the dates that the identified central offices are targeted for the migration to AT&T's Memory Call service.

Call Forwarding to Voice Mail

OTM and AT&T will program the Call Forward Busy and Call Forward Don't Answer features on all of the telephone lines except for those with ISDN sets. ISDN sets have user-programmable buttons that will need to be programmed to the Memory Call access number of the applicable home ce​ntral office (Memory Call access numbers).

To program the ISDN feature buttons, the end user will:

  • Access dial tone
  • Dial the programming code of the selected feature
    • #68 for Call Forward Variable, or
    • #69 for Call Forward Don't Answer, or
    • #94 for Call Forward Busy
  • Receive dial tone
  • Dial the appropriate Memory Call access number
  • Receive a confirmation tone
  • The user may turn the feature button on to activate it or off to deactivate it. Call Forward Don't
  • Answer and Call Forward Busy are usually always left on.

Click here for information about ISDN sets.

Menu Key Selections

Although the menu key selections with the new Memory Call service are very different from what users are accustomed to with the tw telecom service, voice prompts will guide users in their choices. Users may also refer to the Memory Call User Guide.

Questions regarding this information notice may be addressed to the following OTM Messaging Services personnel: