Louisiana Division of Administration

TIN 16-03

Telecommunications Information Notice 16-03 New Pager Contract with Spok, Inc.

May 10, 2016

The Office of Technology Services Network Services, formerly the Office of Telecommunications Management, has recently completed a bid to establish a new contract for paging (beepers). The new contract is Pager Device and Airtime, number 4400009160, with Spok Inc.

Spok Inc, was formerly known as USA Mobility, the previous contractor.

All orders for pager devices and services will be placed directly with Spok Inc. Agencies will be billed by Spok Inc. and agency payments are to be made directly to Spok Inc. This transition should not be service affecting.

Information and pricing can be found on the Office of State Procurement's Louisiana Electronic Catalog. Agencies may contact Spok Inc. at stateoflouisiana@spok.com​ to ask any questions.

Please make sure that agency personnel who are responsible for pager orders, trouble reporting, or billing are aware of the new contract and have reviewed this information notice and referenced information.

​If you have any question concerning this information notice, contact Ellen Smith by email or 225.342.7774.